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Ultra Fines Recovery

Our proven washing solutions are engineered to recover every valuable grain.


Most traditional sand washing machines are robust in nature but are not always optimised or capable of recovering all of the valuable material during processing. Fines can be lost during the process and result in settling ponds filling up with valuable material that needs to be reprocessed later, pushing up operating costs and reducing yields.

CDE’s Ultra Fines Recovery solutions (UFR) offers an efficient alternative to sand screw and bucket wheel systems, it separates and retains an optimal amount of fines from the waste water or slurry before it is directed to settling ponds, extracting maximum value from materials washing processes.

Fines recovery the CDE way

CDE’s EvoWash™ solution uses hydrocyclone technology to make the cut and even the smallest fractions are recovered and processed - operators recover +400 mesh/ 40 micron fines that are processed and stockpiled as a dry product ready for market.

The EvoWash™ can be integrated with traditional plant processing equipment to recover valuable sand overflowing the weir of screws or bucket wheels before discharging fully processed slurry into the pond along with the unwanted silt. Or as a stand-alone solution, the EvoWash™ can be fed silt and sand from the dredged or dug up pond to separate and re-process fines and reject silts in the pond.

CDE’s fine sands recovery:

  • Reduces the loss of saleable fines to settling ponds
  • Guarantees big savings on maintenance and excavation costs
  • Increases yields to maximise profit per ton
  • Reduces production costs from processing recovered fines
  • Removes unnecessary health & safety risks
  • And helps produce a higher quality product.
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