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Cluster Holdings

South Africa
Cluster Holdings recovers valuable plaster sand fines from ponds with CDE EvoWash™




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CDE customer Cluster Holdings in West Rand, South Africa, had given up on ever recovering fines its sand screw classifier system had discharged into ponds.

At the start of its washing operations in 1986, the company opted for sand screw classifiers to wash its granite deposit, a cheap and popular choice in South Africa, but also an option that creates a lot of waste to ponds and loss of potential profits. A subsequent switch to a cyclone tower resulted from identifying potential in the plaster sand market in the area, but did not achieve the desired results in quality and led to wet stockpiles.



The site had masses of potential, an abundance of plaster sand was laying at the bottom of ponds, and with CDE’s technology could be recovered and processed from what was previously considered a “waste” into a valuable product.

The customer had the opportunity to visit a few sites showcasing the CDE EvoWash in action. Having witnessed the efficiency of the EvoWash that produced a sand dry enough to be handled and loaded as it came off the stockpile conveyor, Cluster Holdings opted for CDE technology as the perfect solution to their issue.

With the introduction of the CDE EvoWash 71 sand washing plant the two existing plants that were not efficient enough were replaced with a single plant and process and the company is now producing high quality plaster sand from waste pond material. 

“The CDE EvoWash is a very neat plant that we are exceptionally happy with. It is compact, efficient and economical. But crucially, it has allowed us to recover a high quality plaster sand that had been lying unnoticed in ponds and make it a very profitable product.”
Kobus Jv Rensburg, Cluster Holdings


The EvoWash 71 materials washing plant is successfully processing the raw decomposed granite feed, removing the -75µ from the sand slurry feed and dewatering it to produce up to 50 tonnes per hour in spec plaster sand ready for use by the local construction sector to plaster buildings.

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