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Washing Claybound Aggregates

Tackling claybound feed material to produce the highest quality aggregates.


Heavily claybound feedstocks are often considered too challenging to process and are often considered to be unusable quarry waste. CDE’s modular washing equipment has been specifically designed to process more challenging materials, protect downstream processes, remove contamination and maximise recovery of valuable materials for the sand and aggregates, C&D waste recycling, and mining applications.

By introducing CDE’s proven clay-removal washing solutions you will maximise the resource yield from deposits while simultaneously reducing waste. Due to the variable nature of the materials we adapt our proven solutions to your needs.

This involves a detailed analysis of your feed material to establish the volume of commercial sand and aggregate material that can be recovered. We then work with you to design and deliver a wet processing plant built to address the specific challenges of your project which may be applied at a number of stages in your process:

Primary scalping

CDE can make the primary feeding and screening process more efficient with a delivery system designed for tackling difficult materials, providing unrivalled protection of downstream processes, ensuring maximum operational efficiency with minimum operator intervention.

Scrubbing and Attrition

Designed to perform in the toughest conditions and transform claybound material into high value materials, CDE’s solutions for high attrition washing of claybound material include a combination of our RotoMax logwashing and high frequency screening technology enabling the production of commercial grade material from heavily claybound feed stock and overburden.

Fines recovery

Recovering every last grain of value is as important to us as it is you. Our sand washing, classification and dewatering system ensures highly accurate separation of silts and clays from your material, eliminating the loss of quality fines.

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We help wash previously discarded low-grade by-product of higher clay content into new revenue streams of very clean sand and aggregates for use in both the ready-mix and decorative markets.

Our washing solutions can produce whatever cut point of sand and aggregates you require for your operations.

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