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Digester & Tank Cleaning Solutions

CDE’s mobile grit washing equipment is designed to increase tank capacity and make tank cleaning more efficient and more cost-effective.

Grit removal solutions for anaerobic digesters and industrial tanks

Digester tanks and other industrial tanks require regular cleaning to remove the build-up of rag and grit and maintain tank capacity and efficiency. 

By removing rag and grit from anaerobic digesters, the capacity for bio-solids is maintained,  the costs associated with heating the tank are reduced and maximum energy is generated through anaerobic digestion. Removing grit also increases the life of sludge pumps and other parts, reducing wear and maintenance costs upstream as well as the time and costs incurred when operators must shut down for maintenance. 

CDE’s mobile screening technology for rag and grit removal uses vibrating platform technology to screen, classify and dewater rag, grit and other materials. 

The solution is mobile which allows contractors and water utilities alike to move it from site to site when needed.  This also removes the need to transport waste materials to a processing facility, therefore removing the associated time and costs.

The washing equipment provides 3 key benefits:

  1. Reduction in disposal costs
  2. Removal of costs associated with transporting the materials to a processing facility
  3. Creation of new revenue streams

 CDE’s wet processing equipment can also be used to screen and dewater material from other tanks including:

  • Sludge holding tanks
  • Primary tanks
  • Storm detention tanks
  • Pumping stations and culverts.

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Grit and Rag Washing

Our grit and rag washing equipment is used to:

  1. Screen and dewater rag materials making them cheaper and easier to dispose of.
  2. Screen off plastics, rag, trash and oversize and discharge them quickly and efficiently into skips removing the need to mechanically remove these materials.
  3. Capture and dewater glass, grit, sand and silt.  The washing equipment recovers 90% of the grit material allowing it to be reused in a number of applications.  This often not only removes landfill costs associated with the transport and disposal of these materials, but also creates new revenue streams with the grit being sold and reused as nutrient rich soil or composting additive, or as backfill and pipe bedding.
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