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Sustainable Mining Solutions

We apply our many years of industry expertise to help increase the potential of your mine, delivering sustainable processing solutions for your operation.

Engineered For Sustainable Mining Solutions

Our industry knowledge allows us to transform even the most difficult materials into saleable products. Due to the modularity of our offering, we can deliver small to large-scale plants in some of the most remote locations on earth.

We deliver a unique approach to the mining sector by using ground-breaking modular technologies in the applications of coarse ore beneficiation, ultra-fines recovery, and tailings dam rehabilitation. 

Engineered To Sustain Our Planet

Our energy-efficient processes enable maximum recovery of high-value minerals whilst minimising our footprint on the environment. Our modular solutions are engineered for sustainable mining, by maximising resources and minimising waste.

These energy-efficient processes enable recovery of high-value minerals from waste stockpiles or tailings, ensuring zero tailings for our customers, whilst our water management technology allows you to reduce or totally eliminate the need for mine tailings dams.

The key to unlocking this value is a combination of washing, scrubbing, and classification or by isolating those difficult to remove fractions using our modular tailings recovery systems. 

Choosing CDE means extending the life of your reserve and investing in the sustainability of your mining operations.

Engineered To Maximise Yield

Through the introduction of a customised CDE process improvement package we can facilitate the processing of lower-grade ores. By reducing the cut-off grade we are able to deliver significant efficiencies to your mining operation. 

This means:

  • Increasing the volumes of material available for processing
  • Reducing the stockpiling of waste ores
  • Extending the life of your mine
  • Maximising your return on investment

Engineered For Zero Tailings

Through the introduction of our tailings waste management process, and our modular tailings dewatering solutions we can eliminate tailings from your mining operation.

This is done through:

  • Fines management – recover material for further use and minimise waste volumes
  • Primary water treatment – recover 90% of process water for recirculation to your ore processing plant
  • Final tailings dewatering – the only waste product is now a filter cake with 80% dry solids content, eliminating the requirement for tailings dams

Talk to our team of mining experts today to see how we can help you achieve a more sustainable mine operation.

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Sustainable Mining

Our modular wet processing technology provides sustainable mining solutions for low-grade waste ore beneficiation and mine tailings. Ores and minerals we provide sustainable solutions for include:

  • Iron Ore
  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • Coal
  • Phosphate
  • Mineral Sands
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