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FlocStation Poly Dosing System

Automated delivery of flocculent to aid settlement of fine solids.

Unrivalled Performance & Efficiency

FlocStation optimises chemical usage to ensure the rapid settlement of solids from your wastewater and maximum efficiency from your wastewater treatment processes.

Efficient flocculent dosing

Our design features 3 mixing chambers which ensures even distribution of flocculent for the most efficient settlement of solids while optimising flocculent consumption for your material.

Deaeration chamber

After passing through the 3 mixing chambers the solution is delivered directly to your AquaCycle™ thickener via the deaeration chamber where it is mixed with the wastewater from your wet processing plant containing the minus 63 micron material.

Automatic flocculent dosing

Automatic dosing of flocculent to the correct concentration is possible as a result of the extensive testing of your material prior to equipment specification. Our AutoFloc system allows for variations in your feed material to be easily accommodated and ensures consistent performance from your FlocStation.

AquaCycle™  Thickener

Pre-mixed flocculent solution combines with wastewater to the desired concentration before entering AquaCycle™ thickener tank where settlement of solids and water recycling is maximised. The integrated flocculation station allows for precise dosing of the pre-mixed flocculant for efficient settlement.

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