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Excavation Waste

Our bespoke washing solutions for excavation waste enables companies around the world to recycle and repurpose this waste into recycled sand & aggregates.

Recycling Solutions For Excavation Waste Material

If you are dealing with high volumes of excavation waste, a CDE excavation waste recycling wash plant could be the ideal solution for you. Our advanced washing process for excavation waste material of all forms is helping excavation companies across the world to produce high-quality recycled sand and aggregates, ready for immediate re-use in the construction market.

This has opened up new commercial possibilities and new revenue streams for material that had previously been sent to landfill.

Why Invest in an Excavation Waste Recycling Wash Plant from CDE?

By introducing a CDE wet processing plant for your excavation waste, you can repurpose this material into valuable, recycled sand and aggregates which can be used across many applications in the construction sector.

This washing process for excavation or muck away waste involves several stages designed to liberate and remove contaminants which help to produce the highest quality sand and aggregates, including:

  • Feeding & scalping
  • Aggregate scrubbing & screening
  • Contaminant removal
  • Metals removal
  • Sand washing & dewatering
  • Aggregate sizing
  • Water treatment
  • Sludge management

This process ensures this excavation waste material can be re-used as various grades and specs of sand and aggregates, depending on your individual requirements and the variability of the raw feed material.

These products have many end uses in the construction market, and are often in high demand, particularly in urban areas. CDE customers around the world use these recycled sand & aggregates for a variety of products and applications including concrete, building blocks, asphalt and road base, pipe bedding and drainage stone.

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Maximizing Value from Excavation Waste Material

The excavation process involves the extraction of material including topsoil, earth (or spoils), muck (also known as muck away) and wet muds. These materials are often dug up as part of wider construction projects and can result in excess soil, clay, rock, mud, and other ‘waste’ material being left behind.

In many parts of the world these waste materials may be dumped or disposed to landfill sites, although some countries have introduced landfill taxes and levy’s which aim to reduce materials like excavation waste ending up in a landfill site.

From claybound, heavily contaminated excavation waste, to wet muds and spoils, we can create a bespoke recycling solution to maximise production for your waste.

Get in touch with our team of waste recycling experts to see how CDE can create a bespoke excavation waste recycling solution to meet your recycling needs.

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