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Stormwater Processing

Create new revenue streams by unlocking the potential of your stormwater management with a CDE solution.

Wet Processing Solutions to Optimise Stormwater Management

When stormwater travels through gullies, it can collect waste materials such as sewage, litter and animal waste. If stormwater runs into main drains, it leads to groundwater contamination which can have a harmful effect on wildlife and local communities. As well as this, if not controlled, surface water runoff can cause surface or sewer flooding.

Lagoons and other collectors for storm run-off require regular cleaning as they fill up with organics and become less efficient for stormwater management.

An increase in rainfall as well as growing populations in urban areas has resulted in stringent but necessary regulations put in place to manage and treat stormwater.

CDE solutions for stormwater processing can be static or mobile to suit your business needs. By processing this solid/liquid waste, harmful materials and chemicals can be removed.

With the use of CDE processing equipment, our clients are ensuring the highest efficiency of their operations by increasing the capacity and reliability of stormwater management systems.  As an additional result, through the extraction of the solid materials from the waste, contractors radically reduce the amount and weight of waste they send to landfill and create new revenue streams.

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Liquid Waste Management

Besides the necessity of processing stormwater to prevent groundwater contamination and surface contamination, the liquid waste often also contains many materials that can and should be recovered for resell and re-use. 

These include:

  • Washed grit
  • Clean sand
  • Stone
  • Dewatered organics

These materials can be reused in a number of applications such as pipe-bedding, landscaping and roadfill.

Our systems can also treat the contaminated water so that it can be reused.

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