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A new generation of filter press, built to bring proven experience, proficient operation, progressive ingenuity to materials producers.

We know filter presses and we've made them better!

Introducing the CDE ProPress. PROven. PROficient. PROgressive.

We’ve sold and commissioned more presses, over 30 years, than any other company in the waste recycling industry. With ProPress, we’ve listened to our customers’ challenges, and proven we can deliver, with greater material versatility and processing capacity, alongside reduced costs.

ProPress is a filter press, redesigned from the ground up. Built for the waste recycling industry, ProPress uses a dual feed and increased chamber volume to handle more material, producing a dryer cake product, while recycling 95% of its process water.

We are relentless innovators, and ProPress pushes past industry norms to deliver a significantly safer experience for operators, a reduced physical and environmental footprint to eradicate ponds and increase sustainability, while still delivering more value per ton for our customers.

The CDE ProPress is specifically designed for the efficient dewatering of sludge in CD&E waste recycling, quarrying and mining applications. This innovative solution incorporates the latest in robotic technology and automation to ensure safe, efficient operation while reducing cycle times and operating costs, to help maximise processing outputs.

ProPress™ - The New Generation in Filter Press
Auto washing
Ensures complete cake removal laser guided automated high-pressure cloth washing. Core wash and core blow removes excess sludge to ensure dry filter cake.
Multi-functional robot and operator platform
All operator functions in one place. Ensure operator safety.
Customised filter cloths & larger plate design
Created specially for CD&E waste, quarrying and mining applications. 2.5m x 2m plates to maximise capacity, reduce cycle times, requiring a smaller footprint.
Drip tray / maintenance platform
Flush mounted, downward opening drip tray minimises material entrapment. Locks in place as a secure maintenance platform.
Dual feed
Sludge fed from both ends reduces cycle times.
Easy maintenance & improved safety
Handrails surround the edge of the frame for increased safety. And stairs to the operator platform enables easy maintenance access and improved safety.
Plate shaker
Ensures complete cake removal.
Hydraulic Rams
4x ram pull-to-close design evenly distributes pressure as plates close, eliminating bending or twisting. Larger diameter rams reduces need for higher hydraulic pressures, creating a safer solution.
Optimised design
We can provide structural steel-toground, reducing overall costs.

Sustainable sludge dewatering technology

With the CDE ProPress, owners and operators can recycle up to 95% of process water for immediate reuse in their wash plant while simultaneously cutting waste disposal fees by recovering a filter cake product that can be used for pipe bedding and landfill capping. This eliminates the need for settling ponds which typically require extensive maintenance, consume labour resources, and incur significant costs.

Once the ProPress is commissioned, every customer is introduced to the CDE CustomCare team which provides aftersales support to help achieve maximum performance from their equipment. 


Efficient Water Management

The AquaCycle™ thickener is a single, compact, and user-friendly unit that can be applied to high and low tonnages across many markets. It is a highly efficient water management solution that minimises costly water consumption by ensuring up to 90% of the process water is recycled for immediate recirculation.

By recycling up to 90% of process water, the requirement for settling ponds is greatly reduced. With the addition of a filter press for sludge and tailings management, the need for a ponds system on site is completely eliminated. When combined with a CDE ProPress filter press this figure increases to 95%, removing the need for settling ponds altogether.

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