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Our wet processing equipment help organisations across the world to remediate their soils and produce valuable resources.

Reclaiming Land Impacted by Hydrocarbon Contamination

The aim of soil remediation works is to reduce contaminants to safe levels which means you can use your site without environmental risks. The need for soil remediation on contaminated land has increased significantly in the last decade due to increased knowledge around current and emerging contaminants, legislation and the development of bespoke processing technologies allowing cost effective processing at high volume. Here at CDE, we offer proven, high-throughput systems for the processing of oil contaminated sands and oily waste. Utlilising wet processing techniques, OPEX costs and emissions score are low compared to other technologies.

Hydrocarbon contamination is one of the most ubiquitous forms of soil contamination. It takes many forms ranging from localised diesel and fuel spills to crude oil contamination cause by leaking pipes and infrastructure, manmade or natural disasters, war, industrial drilling works and legacy oily waste. 

Contaminated soil, laden with hydrocarbons and other pollutants, poses a significant threat to ecosystems and human health. The risk of contaminants leaching into water sources can lead to direct contamination of human drinking sources or lead to bioaccumulation of chemicals in animals which can eventually make their way into the food chain. It is therefore important to find a way to safely remove these contaminants and remediate lands back to their original state.

Soil Remediation Through Washing

The CDE system utilises a range of modules depending on the type of contamination and grain size of the soils. Where soils are suitable for washing, contaminants can be isolated into one of the constituent parts. The majority of contaminants are usually found in the fine fractions, leaving you with clean sand and gravel following washing, materials that are easy to re-use.

Proven Solutions To Complex Challenges:

Our soil remediation washing technology offers many benefits including:

  • High reliability in the reduction of harmful contaminants
  • A cost-effective alternative to thermal treatment or landfill
  • The production of in-spec washed sand and aggregates for reuse
  • Reduced processing carbon footprint
  • High throughput systems - ranging from 25tph-200tph in one line


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We currently process contaminated soils and various construction & demolition waste material across the world, processing over 20 million tons every year, and our portfolio includes the world's largest contaminated soils wash plant in New York.

We are working with partners in Kuwait to support the clean-up effort of an estimated 114kmof polluted land in the region, and this UN funded project is one of the largest land remediation projects of its kind anywhere in the world. Learn more about this project.

Our proven solutions can support the remediation of land which has been contaminated by oil spills and other pollutants, enabling organisations to transform their oily sands, oily waste, and contaminated soils into sand and aggregates which can be re-used in construction projects and contribute to the circular economy. 

Whether you're dealing with heavy oil deposits, light fuel oil, or a mix of contaminants, we have the expertise and technology to deliver optimal results. 

Beyond Remediation: Sustainability and Value

At CDE, we believe in responsible resource management. Our soil remediation solutions not only restore land but also recover valuable resources like water and sand, minimising waste and promoting a sustainable future - creating our best world a ton at a time. Additionally, our efficient processes minimise downtime and associated costs, offering significant economic benefits to your operations.

Follow The Progress of KLAMOR in Kuwait

Engineered For Land Remediation

The worldwide challenge posed by oil waste is considerable, with tens of thousands of barrels spilled annually, and legacy waste to the tune of millions of gallons. In alignment with net zero targets, oil majors across the globe are actively investing in solutions to address this issue. Among these solutions, our pioneering remediation technology for processing oil-contaminated sands stands out. 

Engineered to manage high throughput and minimise carbon footprint, our technologies offer a disruptive solution to the problem at hand. By leveraging such innovative technology, Working with organisations across the world, our solutions play a crucial role in advancing global environmental remediation and sustainability efforts. Together we are creating our best world a ton at a time.

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