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Who Is CDE?

Since our formation in 1992, CDE has designed, manufactured, and commissioned more wet processing plants than any other company in the world.


Together with our customers we are diverting millions of tons of material from landfill, protecting sands in areas where natural reserves are in decline and enabling production to happen closer to markets.

We are minimising environmental impact. We are creating game-changing solutions. We are prioritising people and the planet.

We Are CDE. Engineered For You

We empower our customers to transform waste into valuable resources through innovative co-creation, laying the foundations for the circular economy.

We help our customers maximise their natural resources in the most sustainable way possible – with greater efficiency and less waste than ever before. Our unparalleled speed and scale are down to our proximity to our customers and our deep understanding of their challenges. Our track record of proven solutions consistently meets our customers’ needs precisely, operating in challenging environments from the Arctic to the Equator.

Wet processing is our sole focus –our experience and expertise is unmatched in this field. 

Every day, in everything we do, we strive to do it right. We want to be the best at what we do and deliver the maximum benefit for our customers. We pull together, as a team, in pursuit of this common cause. Our “Customer for Life” mentality fortifies each of our projects, with CDE engineers delivering continuous, limitless support.

We work with customers across the world to deliver proven materials washing solutions that enable them to:
Improve the efficiency of their operations
New Markets
Open new markets for their end products
Maximise ROI
Maximise their return on investment

A Global Footprint

CDE operates across five strategic markets with dedicated teams in each market on hand to deliver proven solutions and aftersales support for our customers.

Our headquarters in Cookstown, Northern Ireland, is home to the world’s largest campus dedicated to the wet processing industry. All our equipment is pre-wired, assembled and factory tested in our manufacturing facilities in Cookstown and Monkstown, Northern Ireland.  This ensures a faster setup when we arrive on site, so that you are processing material as soon as possible and realising a quicker return on your investment.

Alongside our global HQ, we have offices in the USA to serve our customers in North America; Austria to serve the European market; Australia to serve the Australasian market; UAE to serve the Middle East & African markets, and Brazil, to serve the Latin America market.


CDE Directors, Rosemary & Tony Convery


The CDE story started in 1992, founded by Tony Convery in Northern Ireland, and since then we've grown to operate across our five strategic regions, becoming the leading provider of wet processing solutions globally, with applications across a wide range of materials within the natural materials processing, and waste recycling sectors.    

Our story began in the UK & Irish market, with the patented EvoWash™ fine sands classification system - helping our customers to maximise the efficiency of their sand washing operations through the introduction of our innovative compact washing plant. Since then, the story has continued to evolve and for over 30 years we have been co-creating with customers to deliver collaborative, imaginative and unique wet processing systems with over 2,000 successful projects commissioned worldwide.

Wet processing equipment is our sole focus. No other business can match our experience and expertise in this field. As leaders, we takes a fully consultative approach with a unique ‘Customer for Life’ business model aimed at developing long-term customers. This business model means we treat our customers’ emotions, time, and money as if they were our own, and we aim to be on hand for our customers in the long-run. 

We are relentlessly innovating with a single purpose in mind: To create our best world, a ton at a time. We create that world by prioritising our customers, people, and planet. We strive to serve people and do work that benefits our communities and the planet, all while ensuring our customers’ investments are profitable.

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