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Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City (SAASC)

CDE wash plant accelerates production for Kuwait’s visionary Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City.




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Fine Sand & Coarse Sand

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Beach Sand & Pipe Bedding
La’ Ala Al-Kuwait Real Estate Company 435tph Sand Washing Plant, Kuwait


As construction of the visionary Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City (SAASC) continues at pace, developer La’ Ala Al-Kuwait Real Estate Company, the firm behind the pioneering project, has partnered with CDE to help meet its busy production schedule.

With a pre-existing wash plant set-up reaching the end of its operational life, a modern solution was needed to sustain the momentum behind the project.

Mr Mark Dunglison, Director for Planning & Design, Earthworks & Marine at the La’ Ala Al-Kuwait Real Estate Company, said: “We’re working with dry feed material excavated from below sea-level, which can be highly variable, and so we needed a solution that could respond to these variations and deliver consistent output without disruption to the production schedule.

“Traditionally, most wash plants work with fresh water or some sort of brackish water. At this site we’re dealing with salt water, which has salinity of up to 35,000ppm (parts per million). It's very corrosive. The plant had to be able to work with high saline levels.”


The Solution

We proposed a solution comprising of our M5500 modular wash plant, which integrates feeding, screening, washing and stockpiling on a single chassis; the EvoWash 151, a compact sand washing system that screens and separates smaller sand and gravel fractions through integrated high-frequency dewatering screen, sump and hydrocyclones; a configuration of six Infinity™ fine screens; and an efficient water management and recycling system to recover up to 90% of process water for immediate reuse.

To address high levels of salinity, CDE introduced a series of additional measures to protect the plant.

“CDE added additional protective measures to the pipework, to the tanks, wherever they could. Stainless steel non-corrosive products, rubber linings, special coatings, and more are all carefully considered to ensure this plant can work in a very extreme saline environment,” Mr Dunglison explained said.


The Results

With the capacity to process up to 435 tonnes per hour, the CDE wash plant is delivering over 2,500 tonnes of fine sand for pipe bedding and almost 1,800 tonnes of coarse beach sand every day as part of ambitious targets to deliver 1.3 million cubic metres of in-spec beach sand by the summer.

On average, the plant is receiving and processing over 6,000 tonnes of feed material every day.

Commenting on the environmental benefits of the plant, Mr Dunglison: “We’re more efficient in our diesel use. The flocculant that we're using within the thickener allows water to be recycled, which we didn't have previously. It means we require significantly less top up water. This is good because it limits how much we need to draw from the natural environment and any we discharge back into the water course is well within EPA tolerance.”

“This solution is our purpose in action,” adds Ruchin Garg, CDE Regional Manager for Middle East & Africa. “We’re driven to create our best world, a ton at a time. That means maximising the potential of natural resources in the most sustainable way possible, with greater efficiency and less waste than ever before.”

“We explored a variety of solutions with different suppliers, but CDE’s approach won out. The team demonstrated real technical expertise and understanding of our needs when they proposed an alternative approach to what others were recommending.”
Mark Dunglison, Director for Planning & Design, Earthworks & Marine at the La’ Ala Al-Kuwait Real Estate Company
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