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Sydsten Dalby

AB Sydsten invests in CDE EvoWash solution to double product output and maximise quality.




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AB Sydsten is a leading manufacturer and supplier of mixed concrete, crushed stone and gravel in Skåne, Blekinge and Halland. Headquartered in Malmö, it was first established in 1915. With over 100 years experience in quarrying operations, the firm recognised the growing need to maximise the potential of its virgin material reserves to meet the demands of the market.

Without a permit to dredge material to support its concrete production, Sydsten, benefitting from in-depth working knowledge of CDE wet processing technology, turned to the manufacturer’s expert process engineers to design and commission a solution that would optimise material output at its Dalby site.



Sydsten’s feed material was assessed at CDE’s testing facility. The analysis confirmed that its existing plant configuration was not delivering an optimised sand product to supply the market. It also demonstrated how energy savings could be achieved and product quality improved by adopting cyclone technology.

CDE proposed its EvoWash sand classification and dewatering system as a solution to the customer’s requirements.

With a capacity of up to 120tph, it would integrate seamlessly into the pre-existing setup to maximise material retention, optimise the 0-2mm sand fraction and improve the overall energy efficiency of the plant. Incorporating CDE’s patented Infinity Screen technology, the EvoWash offers optimal dewatering results which enables materials processors to produce a range of high-quality sands with low and consistent moisture content that are market-ready straight from the belt.

“Lower cost solutions were available in the market, however with CDE we recognised the enormous value in its technical expertise, the guaranteed performance of its EvoWash and the level of support available to us after the commissioning phase to ensure our plant is optimised and running material.”
Tommy Karlsson, Sydsten’s lead technical project manager overseeing CAPEX investments across the firm’s four aggregate processing sites


Sydsten’s EvoWash system is now processing sand and gravel feed material at a rate of up to 120tph and producing a high quality 0-2mm washed sand. Thanks to the efficiency of CDE technology, operational costs have been reduced by 80% compared to the previous plant setup and product output has doubled. Delivering optimal dewatering results, Sydsten’s CDE wash plant is also benefitting from a 25% uplift in availability.

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