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24/7 Support to ensure your CDE solution maintains optimal performance.

The CDE CustomCare team is the first point of contact for customers who are on hand to provide maintenance and plant advice and help with any troubleshooting. Everyday queries can often be resolved quickly through the knowledge of our experts. 

Customers can contact the CustomCare team to draw on their expert knowledge of CDE washing equipment. Please complete the adjacent form to contact your local CDE after sales and support representative, or call our local support teams on the details below.

UK & Ireland Support:
T: +44 28 8676 7900

Americas Support:
Toll Free: 844-4-CDEUSA
Phone: +1 919-535-3205

European Support:
T: +43 316 231505

Australasian Support:
Phone: +61 7 3801 8755

Middle East & Africa Support:
Phone: +97 15 6705 0465

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