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Garriock Bros

Wet processing solution helps Garrick Bros to extract a range of aggregates and manufactured sands for construction applications from crusher dust.




Crushed Concrete, Crushed Rock, Quarry Waste, Sand & Gravel


3 washed products: 0-4mm | 5 - 20mm | +20mm

End Use
Concrete Production

Clean sand stockpile at Garriock Bros


Established in 1975 by Managing Director George Garriock, Garriock Bros. Ltd provide a diverse range of civil engineering, house building, plant hire, quarry operations and contract crushing services to name a few.

With the company’s civil engineering division covering a wide range of projects including large ground works, roadbuilding, highway maintenance, landscaping and surfacing, a process was required to produce washed aggregates for recycling.

With their quarries located in Shetland, Garriock Bros essentially sought a solution to allow for the processing of quarry dust to produce sand & concrete aggregate in order to supply the end products to the local marketplace. The company subsequently invested in a CDE M2500 E3 mobile washing plant consisting of a hopper, feed conveyor and a twin-deck prograde rinsing screen.


M-Series Modular Sand Washing System at Garriock Bros


The world’s first fully integrated mobile washing plant offers feeding, screening, sand washing and stockpiling on a compact, portable chassis and produces 3 washed products for Garriock Bros. This plant has been integrated with an Evowash 100 which features one integrated wing conveyor. The Evowash ensures the production of the highest quality sands for increased commercial value, particularly important in this instance.


Clean sand stockpile


The material produced is distributed for use throughout the Isle of Shetland which therefore reduces the need for imported materials thereby minimizing any associated costs. David Kinloch, CDE Director of Business Development explains "For Garriock Bros, the ability to produce their own high-quality aggregates for use in construction has a significant impact on efficiency gains as opposed to purchasing material from an alternative source. One of the major issues with a lot of sand washing installations is the loss of fines" continues David Kinloch.

"The CDE EvoWash sand plant range tackles this problem through the use of hydrocyclone technology. The EvoWash range offers the customer the opportunity to define the cut points for the sand to be produced thereby increasing efficiency".

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