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Liam Lynch Quarries

Turnkey washing plant processing -6mm crushed limestone with high fines content and producing aggregates and manufactured sands.




Limestone, Quarry Waste, Crushed Rock, Manufactured Sands, Sand & Gravel


20mm, 10mm and sand for the concrete mix

End Use
Concrete Production

Feed Material at Liam Lynch Quarries


Liam Lynch operates it’s limestone quarry in Croom, Co. Limerick where it has been producing aggregates (20mm, 14mm, 10mm and a 6mm to 0mm dust) and 804, a crushed 2” down material.

The quarry dust (6mm to 0mm) produced was a by-product in the quarry and stockpiled as waste. This is common throughout quarries in the UK and Ireland as traditional washing and dry screening systems are unable to make a commercial product from this dust, but Liam Lynch wanted to reduce waste, increase operations and maximise its reserves.


Liam Lynch Quarries Sand Washing Plant


The new CDE system washes this 6mm to 0mm quarry dust and produces concrete sand by removing the 75 micron material. This concrete sand is then used by Liam Lynch in its own concrete batching plant where it produces ready mixed concrete.


Liam Lynch Quarries Clean Sand Stockpile


Before the new CDE system was installed it was necessary to buy-in all of the sand required for concrete production. This has been reduced to only 20%, the other 80% of the mix being made up by the concrete sand produced from the waste quarry dust.

The CDE plant is also used to wash some dirty overburden that the traditional dry systems could not process. This is washed into clean 20mm, 10mm and sand for the concrete mix. The washed oversize is then put back through the crushing plant and re-processed.

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