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Resource Materials

Texas, USA
Resource Materials invests in CDE technology for new 450tph wash plant.




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1¼+ oversize aggregates | 1¼ - #4 washed #57 stone | 4 - 8 mesh grit | C33 concrete sand

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Concrete Production
Resource Materials 450tph Sand Washing Plant


Texas-based Resource Materials, a supplier of sand and aggregates to the local construction industry, has invested in a new wash plant for quarry in Williamson County TX.

In response to increasing demand for high quality construction materials in the local markets and big Texas cities, the company has partnered with industry experts CDE to design and engineer a solution to produce concrete rock and concrete sand from the limestone quarry.

Established in 2019, Resource Materials was established to build this new wash plant in an existing limestone quarry in Williamson County near Jarrell, TX. Following the commissioning of this new wash plant near Jarrell, TX Resource Materials is producing high quality aggregates for its Texas markets.

To unlock the potential of its new greenfield site, Resource Materials recognized the need to commission state-of-the-art technology to support its commercial aims and maximize the quality and quantity of the available sand and aggregate resources.



From the preliminary stages of the project, CDE worked closely with Resource Materials using its unique co-creation approach to better understand what the business wanted to achieve from its plant in order to inform and engineer a turnkey solution to meet production requirements and extract maximum value from its quarry operations.

CDE Business Development Manager Tom Wick explains: “Every solution we deliver is optimized and configured to the specific needs of the customer, taking into consideration the characteristics of the site, raw feed materials, the rate of feed to meet production objectives, specification of output materials, access to water supplies and water management, and more. Input from and collaboration with the customer is crucial to enable us to deliver a solution that not only meets the performance requirements but exceeds expectation.”

Resource Materials Owner Kevin Collier adds: “It’s an engaging and reassuring process, one that demonstrates that CDE has our best interests in mind and that the final solution is engineered to address our specific needs.”

After consultation with the team at Resource Materials, CDE proposed a tailored wet processing solution to suit the site’s specific output requirements and efficiently process virgin quarried limestone feed material to produce high-quality washed construction sand and aggregates.

Proven SAND WASHING solutions

The resulting 450tph plant incorporates CDE’s M4500 and M2500 modular wash plants, dual RotoMax logwasters, AggMax™ modular logwasher, and closed-circuit water management system incorporating the AquaCycle™FlocStation, and AquaStore.

The solution, Wick explains, has been engineered to maximize production volumes for Resource Materials while minimising operational costs.

“We pride ourselves on engineering solutions that enable fast return on investment for our customers, achieved through advanced, modular processing technologies that integrate seamlessly to ensure maximum transfer point efficiency and underscored by industry-leading water management.”

Resource Materials Owner Kevin Collier comments: “We were extremely encouraged by CDE’s expertise and understanding of our requirements as well as their ability to take those insights and work them into a practical solution that ensures our plant performs consistently and at maximum productivity.”

With a capacity of 450 tons per hour, the M4500 portable sand washing plant – part of CDE’s M-Series which also includes the M2500 unit – is producing four aggregate products to specification and incorporates CDE’s EvoWash™ sand washing technology. 

CDE’s signature EvoWash™ technology – a compact, modular sand washing system – integrates a high frequency dewatering screen, sump and hydrocyclones to provide unrivalled control of silt cut points and to eliminate the loss of quality fines with significant commercial value.

It incorporates CDE’s patented Infinity Screen technology for optimal dewatering results which enables customers to produce a range of high-quality sands that are market-ready straight from the belt.

CDE’s AggMax technology is engineered to operate in the toughest of conditions to maximize product yield from the most abrasive of feedstocks. Combining feeding, scrubbing, screening, and sizing on one chassis, the AggMax is suitable for a variety of material streams and across various industries. The unique spiral alignment of its paddles reduces the shock of intermitting loads on the gearbox, motor and bearings. This design ensures consistent material loading and the unique paddle shape ensures maximum attrition with even the heaviest clay-bound feed material. 

Incorporating CDE’s pioneering Infinity Screen™ technology, it offers greater screening capability and reduces power consumption.

Seeking an efficient solution that would support Resource Materials to minimise its environmental footprint, CDE proposed its AquaCycle™ to reduce the water burden at the site and offer near-total independence from fresh water supplies. An alternative to water extraction and the costly process of pumping water to the plant, the AquaCycle™ is a highly efficient water management system that minimizes water consumption by ensuring 90% of process water is recycled for immediate recirculation. 

After feed material has been washed and classified, waste is sent to the AquaCycle™ thickener tank where a small amount of polyelectrolyte flocculant is added to the water via the FlocStation which forces fine particles to settle on the bottom of the thickener tank. The clean water on the top overflows the weir and is stored in the on-site AquaStore before being re-circulated around the plant. The result is a highly efficient water recycling system that requires only a 10% supply of top-up water reducing the volume of fresh water required to feed the plant.

“We have longstanding and very positive working relationship with the team at CDE, whose technology and proactive approach to ensuring our quarries are constantly running material at optimum efficiency has always given confidence in our investments. The technology itself is proven, the results have been demonstrated, and our customers expect us to maintain those high standards already set. CDE’s wet processing technology is fundamental to our existing operations and we recognize this partnership as an essential component in our future success, too.”
Kevin Collier, Co-Owner, Resource Materials


With the support of CDE wet processing technology, Resource Materials is now producing four products including C33 manufactured sand, two concrete rocks and an oversize.

The engineered-to-order wet processing solution is processing raw limestone feed material at a rate of 450tph to produce four products including 1¼+ oversize aggregates; 1¼ - #4 washed #57 stone, a versatile product used widely in the construction industry in applications such as concrete; 4 - 8 mesh grit; and reliable and consistent C33 concrete sand.

Resource Materials Owner Kevin Collier says the partnership with CDE which includes a plant performance guarantee is enabling the company to fulfil the growing demand for quality construction materials in Texas markets.

“With CDE’s assistance we’re achieving maximum market value for our available resources, boosting the quality and quantity of our in-spec sand and aggregates in equal measure. We’re now equipped with the technology and processing capacity to respond to calls for a consistent and reliable supplier of construction materials in the marketplace.”

Resolve Aggregates confirms, “There have been minimal parts changes, the bulk of original parts of our CDE plant are still operational, the impellers, liners & pumps and the logwasher paddlers are still original and highly efficient after more than 17,000 hours and over 3.5m tons since 2015, it’s still producing incredible results."

"We have been able to ensure a sustainable business operation for the future of Resolve Aggregates, and benefit from an expanded product portfolio. With an excellent maintenance schedule by our team, supported by CDE, and readily available high consumable parts the plant maintenance costs are low, which is incredible when I compare it to our old fixed plants' maintenance costs. Our plant uptime is in excess of 90%, so for a twenty-four hour, five to six-day schedule that's actually pretty good.”

Sean O’Leary, Regional Operations Manager at CDE said: “The success we have experienced with Resolve Aggregates is a direct result of the importance we place on collaboration with our customers and the genuine partnership we share. We worked together from the outset to understand both their immediate and potential future needs and co-created a solution that would achieve them."

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