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Wlodan Lodz

Wlodan’s investment in a 130tph mobile washing plant from CDE, resulted in the production of asphalt and ready mix concrete products and the creation of new revenue streams.




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Wlodan Lodz M2500 washing plant


Wlodan has operated in the Lodz area since 1989 and has been involved in the supply of material to all of the major new road development and repair projects in the area. The introduction of a washing plant was required as a result of the high level of -2mm fraction within the natural sand and gravel at the Wlodan deposit. In order to ensure effective and efficient recovery of this material it was felt that a washing plant was the only viable option.


Clean sand on conveyor at Wlodan Lodz


The M2500 washing plant processes -32mm material pre-screened by Wlodan. The plant includes a feed system, double deck rinsing screen, integrated Evowash sand washing plant and stockpile conveyors. With between 70% and 90% of the sand and gravel feed material falling in the -2mm range the bulk of production is a -2mm sand product. In addition, the M2500 produces a 2-16mm and 16-32mm washed aggregate. The 2-16mm material is subsequently screened to form a 2-8mm and 8-16mm product. Delivery of the new wash plant for Wlodan was undertaken by the CDE distributors for Poland, Ruda Trading International.

“We are very happy with the results being achieved by the M2500 as the quality of the washed sand and aggregates is driving improvements in quality and efficiency in our own production processes. It is also possible that over the coming months the high quality washed products will open up new markets to us.”
Andrzej Wlodarczyk, founder and current owner of Wlodan.

Clean sand from M2500


The material from the new M2500 washing plant will be used by Wlodan in the asphalt and ready mix concrete plants it operates. In addition Wlodan was able to process existing stockpiles of excavation waste from its road construction works through the M2500 to recover and create new revenue streams.

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