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Breedon Group invest in CDE wet processing technology

Breedon Group, one of the UK’s leading producers and suppliers of bulk aggregates, has invested in a new CDE wet processing recycling plant for its North Cave Quarry site.

The new washing system will process up to 400 tonnes per hour of sand and gravel and will produce six variable sized clean products, ranging from 2mm to 40mm. The new CDE turnkey solution will be Breedon Group’s first direct purchase, as the company has acquired a number of other CDE plants through various takeovers of other quarrying companies in previous years.

Purchased in September 2019, the static wash plant has been specifically designed using proven and extensively engineered modular components developed by CDE. The company has committed to a static system which offers all the same flexibility and capabilities of CDE’s modular components, achieving the best of both worlds with a truly unique system that responds to the needs of their business.

David Kinloch, Director of Business Development – UK and Ireland at CDE, said, “Our team are proud to bring this new wash plant to the Breedon Group. The company sought to consolidate its wash plant operations, whilst increasing production throughput and reducing operational costs on site. The new system at North Cave has been designed with both objectives in mind and is sure to deliver positive results for the company.”

Before investing in the new North Cave plant, Breedon Group previously ran and operated three other CDE wash plants. The new system will combine all washing operations following the purchase of an R4500 primary scalping screen to handle a difficult and complex feed material.

Oversize aggregates measuring +50mm will be isolated and removed, while the fine material will be processed by the two EvoWash units, which screens and separates the smaller sand and gravel fractions into four various size outputs ranging from 2mm – 50mm. Breedon Group’s by-products play a hugely important role in the UK's economic development, with the new products enabled by CDE wet processing technology being used for construction and  decorative markets.

The desire to achieve a fully sustainable and efficient solution that would meet the demands of the market for a clean sand and gravel product underpinned Breedon Group’s decision to invest in the new CDE solution. The end product is delivering the requested material at the agreed rate and will ultimately assist in growing the company’s business further.

CDE and Breedon Group have worked together on bespoke elements of the plant, in particular the 20mm cleanliness, which is over and above the original specification required. CDE worked alongside the team at North Cave to achieve a healthy and safe working environment for everyone, taking full control of the construction site while producing an end product that delivers the requested material.

“Working with CDE has been an exceptional success – from initial presentations, through the procurement process, installation and the final commissioning,” said John Neesham, General Manager at Breedon Group.

John Neesham, General Manager at Breedon Group.
“The new wash plant has had a transformational effect on the aesthetics and operational efficiency at North Cave quarry. Sustainability is at the core of our business, too. We strive to always do what’s right for Breedon Group, the industry, and the environment. The shared values of Breedon Group and CDE were the perfect fit to help us realise our commercial and sustainability objectives.”
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