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CDE’s Compact Solution Delivering Big Business

CDE, the industry-leading wet processing equipment manufacturer, first unveiled its patented Combo™ – the world’s first all-in-one wet processing plant – in Europe in April 2019. Next month, at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, we will unveil the latest in the range, developed specifically for the operators in the Americas.

Modular Pioneers

Pioneers of the modular plant, CDE’s wet processing solutions – including its patented Combo™ – are engineered to maximize efficiencies and add significant commercial value to its customers’ operations. As well as reliability and durability, an important part of this is modularity and portability the equipment provides.

As the Combo™ has been designed and built on one chassis, CDE engineers can fully assemble and test the plant before it is dispatched. Once factory acceptance testing is completed, the Combo™ is then deconstructed for transport. During this process, CDE splits the plant into several large shipments to ensure rapid re-assembly when delivered on site.

Plug & Play

The Combo™ arrives on site ready to plug and play either as a standalone plant or as part of a larger turnkey solution, enabling operators to start processing material within days for faster return on investment.

This process is a significant cost saving for the customer, explains Kevin Vallelly, Director of Engineering at CDE.

“Time spent on site is a costly exercise, whereas the factory setting is a low-cost environment. As such, CDE’s single-chassis engineering and rapid assembly design results in significant installation cost savings as its commissioning requires fewer bodies, installation equipment, and infrastructure.

Compact Footprint

“The footprint of the Combo™ is around 30% smaller than the traditional wet processing setup too,” Kevin explained. “This further reduces initial set-up costs as less site engineering– or civils – is required, including concrete pads and pipework.”

 Portability and modularity are fundamental features of the entire CDE product range. In 2017, Resolve Aggregates, the Texas-based sand, and gravel company relocated its CDE sand washing plant over 100 miles from Fort Worth to Ravenna, Texas having met its production objectives after 16 months of processing material. The full CDE installation was disassembled, containerized, transported and installed in just 11 working days, with CDE completing the recommissioning.

Helping producers to get up and running, and stay running, is a priority focus for CDE, that’s why CDE is currently offering price per ton finance options for customers in North America for its fully customized and turnkey wet processing solutions.

Adapted to support the business aims and objectives of operators in the North American market, these hassle-free finance options enable business owners to modernize their operations with next-generation sand washing equipment including CDE’s pioneering patented ComboTM all-in-one wet processing and water treatment system.

For more information about CDE, the ComboTM or its price per ton finance options, visit CDE at ConExpo 2020, where the team will be located at booth S-5435.


Visit our ConExpo events page and book a meeting with the CDE team at the event.

“The footprint of the Combo™ is around 30% smaller than the traditional wet processing setup too,”
Kevin Vallelly, Director of Engineering at CDE.
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