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CDE showcases next-gen equipment: ‘The future of waste recycling is here’


EvoWash Sand Washing Plant

Next Generation of Recycling Equipment

We showcased our next generation of waste recycling equipment at CONEXPO-CON/AGG and launched the latest addition to our range of InfinityTM high-frequency dewatering screens.

On our stand, we presented its top-of-the-range recycling solutions, including the next generation of its AggMaxTM scrubbing and attrition system, Counter Flow Classification Unit (CFCU) for density separation, ShearCleanTM attrition cells and EvoWashTM sand classification and dewatering plant.

We also unveiled our new P2-168 Infinity screen. With a processing capacity of up to 700 tons per hour it’s the largest model in the range and has been designed specifically for the US market.

Screens are the single biggest point of fatigue in the wash plant setup, but the unique construction of our Infinity range makes them fundamentally different from other screens available on the market. With no welds in the sidewalls, a galvanized structure, and a VibroSync drive mechanism providing control and even distribution of power, they offer increased durability and prolonged operational life for advanced screening and dewatering performance.

The new P2-168 model brings all the benefits of the Infinity range to a new scale to support materials producers processing high tonnages. Benefitting from almost 17min surface area the screen decks are reinforced at the center point which serves to strengthen the screen and provide the operator with the flexibility to produce up to six in-spec products simultaneously.

“The world is changing. Demand for aggregates in our cities is now higher than ever and the supply lines from our quarries are getting further away from where materials are required. Legislation, too, means it’s harder than ever to secure approvals for materials. Sustainability – for both profit and planet – is essential but difficult to achieve. The latest upgrades to our AggMax, CFCU, ShearClean and EvoWash systems – staples of our next generation of recycling solution – represent the very best of CDE engineering excellence. The future of waste recycling is here."
Business Development Director, Darren Eastwood

Infinity Screen


CDE’s AggMax is engineered to operate in the toughest conditions, maximizing product yield from the most abrasive of feedstocks thanks to the unique spiral alignment of its paddles. Combining feeding, scrubbing, screening and sizing on one chassis, the AggMax is capable of producing a variety of materials at the high processing rates demanded by the US market. 

CDE’s third generation AggMax 253SR, the latest in the range, has undergone significant improvements to its chassis. Greater modularization enables operators to integrate additional equipment from across the CDE range in line with future commercial needs. Improved access to pumps and other critical components also allows for easier observation and maintenance, minimizing the need for servicing downtime.

CFCU technology allows for effective separation of two materials of differing relative densities. With a variable cut (separation) point, it offers greater control over sand classification providing complete flexibility for the production of various end products and the removal of lightweight contaminants from the fine material fraction. 



Additional Upgrades to Equipment

The latest CFCU 300 model is the biggest in the range and includes our newly developed dart valve, offering improved control of the underflow discharge for a consistent material cut point and optimized throughput.

An all-in-one sand washing, classification and dewatering system, the EvoWash uses hydrocyclone technology to deliver unparalleled control of silt cut points and increases product yield. The EvoWash 201 is one of the largest in the our range and is capable of processing around 200 tons per hour of feed material.

ShearClean Attrition Cell technology further enhances the washing process by providing efficient contaminant removal through consistent material scrubbing. It maximizes material-on-material impact to both protect downstream processes from wear and ensure the production of in-spec products. The latest DS120 model is developed for high tonnage operations, offering twice the scrubbing volume as its predecessor, the DS60.

"We’ve proven the consistency of our technical processes and the profitability of the commercial investment, learning from our success around America and Canada over the past five years. Our suite of products is helping both sand and aggregate processors as well as excavation producers to transform dirt into dollars with more efficiency and less waste than ever before.” Darren Eastwood, Business Development Director at CDE.

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