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Mining Company In Pskov Region Upgrades Production With CDE Solution

REAL LLC, one of the leading suppliers of construction materials in the Pskov region, has announced plans to introduce a new wet processing solution to its operation in Velikiye Luki which will modernise production and increase its supply of GOST-compliant products.

In the Pskov region, the company carries out the production of sand and aggregates – products which supply its own concrete plant and are also sold directly to the local construction industry. REAL LLC is also involved in the repair, construction and maintenance of public roads throughout the region.

With a number of traditional crushing and screening plants in place, REAL LLC felt the need for a more robust solution to increase the supply of sand and aggregates complying with the market requirements and regulations as defined by the Russian state standard GOST.

In response, CDE proposed a 150tph (tonnes per hour) integrated solution comprising its M2500, AquaCycleTM and Aqua Store.

When commissioned, it will be used for the processing of crushed rock and a sand/gravel mixture containing up to 80% sand to produce a range of in-spec sand and aggregates including 4-20mm and +20mm crushed stone as well as 0-1mm and 0-4mm sands.

Ilya Bochkarev, CDE’s business development manager for the Russian market, says addressing the underlying issues concerning the consistency of product output will in turn boost capacity and revenue.

“A more modern solution will enable REAL LLC to improve the quality of its product range and continue to occupy its current market position. The existing crushing and dry screening methods employed can produce in-spec products, but it’s ensuring that the outputs remain consistent where such processes fall short. Currently, not all products meet the high expectations required by both REAL LLC and its customers. Similarly, not all comply with Russian GOST certification.

“Our solution will equip REAL LLC with the technology it requires to produce premium products in accordance with the national standards required of construction materials. And by ensuring consistency in those products, the company will be able to maintain high throughput and an output that commands the highest commercial value,” Mr Bochkarev adds.

Vitaly Zakharenko, Deputy Director at REAL LLC, says the new plant designed and engineered by CDE will underpin the future growth of the company.

“This new project represents both our first working in partnership with the expert team at CDE and also our first foray into the wet processing of sand and aggregates. Historically, we have crushed and dry screened our products, a process that has served us well over the past two decades and facilitated tremendous growth, supporting us to maintain our leading position in the local market. However, to provide further development and growth and to ensure we continue meeting the high expectations of the industry, we need to transform how we operate and guarantee consistency across our product range – an endeavour we feel equipped to accomplish with the support of CDE’s technological solution.”
Vitaly Zakharenko, Deputy Director at REAL LLC

Representatives from the company were invited to a similar CDE reference site in the Vologda region where they had the opportunity to see the company’s wet processing technologies in action, processing similar grade materials.

“Seeing the plant in operation provided the reassurance we needed that CDE understood our aims and that the solution proposed would deliver for us. It reaffirmed the benefits that could be reaped by adopting new ways of working with more modern technological processes,” Mr Zakharenko adds.

The CDE solution will enable REAL LLC to respond to growing demand in the short-term while also equipping it with a plant that can grow alongside the company, as Mr Bochkarev explains.

“Modularity is central to the design and engineering of all CDE technologies. It ensures the adaptability and flexibility for the solution so that it can be scaled up in line with the customer’s business as it responds to changes in the market.

“Like all CDE solutions, REAL LLC also benefit from our modular approach, meaning the capacity of the plant can be up-scaled in the future with additional CDE modules that will integrate seamlessly into the operation.”

CDE is expected to commission the new plant in Velikiye Luki in spring 2022.

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