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Headquartered in Huntsville, Ohio, and operating for over 75 years, Duff Quarry produces quality stone, sand, and gravel to serve customers, contractors, and local communities from its current three sites across the state. 

The plant will be run by Duff Sand and Gravel, part of parent group Duff Quarry in Lewistown, Ohio in a bid to increase the firm’s sand and gravel production. 

The decision for Duff Quarry to expand business operations comes with increased demand for construction materials in the local market, as well as markets up to an hour haul away.

The demand for aggregates in Ohio has already exceeded production capability with an uplift in construction work in the area, including the development of the Intel project in New Albany, meaning the requirement for construction materials is unlike anything Duff Quarry and its competitors have seen before. 

Ross Duff, President of Duff Sand and Gravel Inc., & Vice-President of Duff Quarry Inc. states: “With recent supply constraints and the Intel project, the CDE plant will ensure that I will be able to meet the demands of my customers as well as have a guaranteed source of sand for my family’s ready-mix operations. We are not out to take customers from the Columbus market however I won’t turn them away if aggregate is not available in their local market.”

"We visited CDE’s stand at the most recent ConExpo trade show earlier this year and, once again, we left the show very impressed with the expertise of the CDE team and the quality of the equipment. We also felt reassured that the plant would be tailored to our needs when CDE went through a thorough and complete review of material gradings during the pre-sales stage. We know the decision to partner with CDE is the right one, and we look forward to seeing the plant in action.”
Ross Duff, President of Duff Sand and Gravel Inc., & Vice-President of Duff Quarry Inc.

The new technology can process up to 300 tons per hour (tph) allowing Duff Quarry to produce more material per year to better meet the demands of the market.

The team at Duff Quarry also sees the investment in the new plant as a way to guarantee consistent availability of concrete sand for the family business’ six ready mix plants, at its sister company, Ohio Ready Mix Inc. 

We met Duff Quarry initially at ConExpo in 2020. In 2022, once the plant was ready to be developed, we began working on the planning process. 

With Duff Quarry’s expertise on the local market, and our industry knowledge and technological advancements, together we developed a well thought out plant process that meets the needs of the site. 

Tiff McMullan, Regional Pre-Sales Operations Supervisor for CDE added: “It’s been a pleasure getting to know the Duff Quarry team. We’re both committed to delivering excellence, and exceptional standards of customer service, so this is a collaboration that just makes sense. We’re excited to continue working together to build relationships for the future.” 

The plant is due to be commissioned in early 2024.

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