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EQAR Congress calls for increased recycling of C&D waste in Europe

The 10 year anniversary congress of the European Quality Association for Recycling e.V. (EQAR) took place on Friday 23rd September in Bratislava, Slovakia. The focus on the event was construction materials recycling in Europe.  It was identified that there is significant differences across member states in the approach taken towards C&D waste recycling.  The EQAR is therefore championing the promotion of construction material recycling and an unrestricted product recognition of quality-secured recycled construction materials.


One of the speakers Vincent Basuyau (Policy Officer Sustainable Construction at the EU Commission) discussed the EU Waste Framework Directive which requires all EU-member countries to re-use or recycle at least 70% of construction and demolition waste before 2020 and highlighted the support available from the EU Commission to assist member states in achieving this target e.g. funding for training courses and technological investment


Another key issue discussed at the Congress is the need for an EU-wide regulation for the end-of-waste for recycled construction material. So far only five EU member countries adopted respective end-of-waste criteria and this with a differing level of regulation.

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