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Kuwaiti construction company upgrades CDE installation

Al Ourifan, a leading Kuwaiti construction company and quarry operator, has upgraded its CDE sand washing installation with a CDE M4500, a higher capacity modular wash plant.


Quantity and quality of its products increased and in turn demand for Al Ourifan’s offering grew. Within a year of successful commissioning, the company owners decided to purchase a powerful upgrade of their existing M2500 wash plant that would allow for the company to increase production and diversify its offering by adding 0-5mm washed concrete sand to its portfolio.


The CDE M4500, commissioned in April 2016 to run alongside the M2500, has dramatically increased Al Ourifan’s capacity by injecting an extra 200 ton-per hour-dimension to the company’s sand washing operations. Today Al Ourifan’s M2500 produces 100 tonnes per hour of washed sand whilst its M4500 produces 200 tonnes per hour of concrete sand, enabling the company to meet its clients’ requirements in terms of quantity, quality and speed of delivery.


Mr Ourifan, owner of Al Ourifan Construction, said: “With the construction industry leading economic growth in Kuwait, sand quality-enhancing systems are more than ever the key to keeping a competitive edge, with demand for high quality sands and aggregates driving construction companies to raise the stakes by adopting innovative technologies.


“Our CDE M2500 had proven to be an excellent choice in terms of reliability in production of different grades of sand and return on investment. When demand started to grow beyond the capacity of the M2500, we naturally turned to CDE for an upgrade.”

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