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Maintenance training given precedence at Stockholm Vatten

CDE carry out maintenance training at Stockholm Vatten Slow Sand Filtration site to optimise operations and ensure the highest levels of safety.

This quarter, we saw our CustomCare teams continue to carry out maintenance and training across our customer sites.   Having team members local to our customers has allowed us to continue this essential work even with travel restrictions in place.  The team at Stockholm Vatten were keen to benefit from this important training this quarter in order to optimise their operations and ensure the safety of their team when carrying out maintenance.

Stockholm Vatten carry out slow sand filtration to supply clean water to over two thirds of the greater Stockholm area.  Slow sand filtration (SSF) combines physical and biological processes and the method offers many benefits. The filtration process is highly reliable, and its simplicity is a major selling point. In order to make the process even more effective, CDE supplied Stockholm Vatten with a washing plant that washes the sand used in the process, meaning it can be reused over and over again. 

Roman Gorski, Regional Support Engineer for CDE, carried out the 4-day intensive training at Stockholm Vatten’s site which included fault-finding, how to change mats in the safest and fastest way possible, how to tweak the plant settings to match the input product and how to use the plant’s panel, among other elements.  The training was largely practical in order to give the operators confidence to optimise their sand washing plant. While Roman was on site, he also carried out a Preventative Maintenance Inspection to make adjustments that would ensure a better throughput for Stockholm Vatten as well as less wear and tear on the machine.

Magnus Björck, Maintenance Engineer at Stockholm Vatten commented on the training, “Safety is so important for us at Stockholm Vatten, which is why we prioritised the training however the outcomes were not only that the guys know the safest way to carry out maintenance on the plant, but they also know how to boost the plant’s performance.  We are getting better throughput now and the operators know how to carry out essential and non-essential maintenance to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.”

Joe Wade, CustomCare Manager at CDE, noted the importance of maintenance training, “Even during this global pandemic, maintenance needs to be a priority to avoid unnecessary downtime.  Through preventative maintenance Stockholm Vatten will be able to ensure that the plant not only has a long life but that it remains operational at the optimal level.”

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