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Meet The Australasia Team- Daniel Webber, Regional Manager

In our first instalment of “Meet the Team” we have Daniel Webber, Regional Manager for Australasia. 

Over to you Dan! 


Upon completion of my bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Technology, at Massey University, New Zealand, I moved to Australia when I was 25.  I’ve worked in heavy industry my entire career in both operational and business roles - including boat building, wind energy, mining equipment and mineral processing, all prior to beginning my journey with CDE in 2018.   


I’m based out of our Ormeau Office in Queensland, which is halfway between the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Not only am I responsible for Australia, but I look after New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.  


My role allows me the opportunity to be able to travel a lot of the country visiting customers sites, as well as potential customers. Every day is a school day when onsite. It’s always great to see first-hand a customer’s current situation and put our heads together to create a solution that would make most sense for them both commercially and technically.  


There is always the desk job to return to, which is equally as important, which involves a lot of follow up work, this might include - organising testing, changing proposed site layouts, or even just finely tuning our proposal to our customers’ requirements.  


I place a lot of emphasis on a good work life balance, encouraged fully by CDE. With being part of a global operation, every hour of every day could easily be accounted for due to the different time zones, but I prioritise work and allow one late night a week to catch up with HQ in Northern Ireland and set the agenda for the week ahead.  Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule, but sticking with this system keeps me fresh and focused!  


Despite all the chaos 2020 brought, it was a solid year for our Australasia region. Owing primarily to the strong local team we have built we continued to deliver projects for our customers across the region.  We also continued to build a strong project pipeline which will see around 15 new CDE plants installed across Australia in the first half of 2021. 


When I first joined CDE we signed the contract to build Australia’s first dedicated wet processing plant for C&D waste, so this was my first experience of seeing a project through from start to finish. During this time, I’ve got to know the customer and team really well and we are currently working on a new upgraded project, which will unlock a lot of scope for them to treat dirtier waste and make cleaner products.  


At CDE we don’t do business at arm’s length, we are in it with our customers, we buy into every single project we deliver, that’s what I love most about my job.   


I go on that journey with our customers from the conception of a smart engineering solution to their challenges, right through to seeing material coming off the conveyors. I revisit the site, and to see the plant performing at an optimal level as well as a satisfied long-term customer, makes my job and the project completely worthwhile!  


What are some of the trends in the market that you have observed in the Australasia region and are they on par with trends you are seeing globally? What are your predictions for 2021 and beyond? 

Every part of the Australasia region has different drivers, but what is most consistent, is the demand for our wet waste products and solutions and this doesn’t seem to be declining. 


As landfill levies start to get standardised across the country it is now extremely attractive for companies that own a small fleet of vacuum or hydro excavation trucks to put in a washing and dewatering system rather than commuting to a landfill or toll treating site and paying a gate fee.     In response to this we are launching some really exciting products within the region that have already seen great success globally, including our patented HYDRO:TIP™.  


2021 will also see our first project installed with a full CDE CORE technology suite, an innovative range of technology solutions designed to increase plant efficiency, lower operating costs, and boost productivity., I expect that once others in the market get to see this system first-hand and the connectivity it offers to not only their plant but also CDE Custom Care support, it will become an extremely popular bit of Technology 


At CDE we don’t do business at arm’s length, we are in it with our customers, we buy into every single project we deliver, that’s what I love most about my job.
Daniel Webber, Australasia Regional Manager, CDE
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