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Northern Ireland constructor adopts Infinity screens

The new CDE Infinity screens, launched at bauma 16 in Munich, Germany are already being snapped up by customers worldwide. The latest firm to be seduced by the Infinity range is Derrylin-headquartered Quinn Building Products, which manufactures a range of building materials, and also produces cement and specialist sands. With technological savvy at its heart, the company offers cost-effective, high-performing solutions to its customers.


Gerry Corrigan, Raw Materials Manager at Quinn Building Products said: “We are looking forward to our new Infinity screen being installed in our silica sand plant. The specifications of each of the Infinity screens showcase an approach to screening technology which is practical, simple, innovative and the key to stress-free sand washing. Our new Infinity screen will be the ideal addition to our existing CDE EvoWash.”


The Infinity screens range is truly revolutionary: CDE has developed the unique Trilogy side wall technology, which optimises strength to weight ratio by utilising material in the side wall only where it is needed. As a welcome bonus, the Rosta suspension units deliver 98% vibration isolation ensuring protection for the supporting structure and the most efficient transfer of energy to the screening material.


The Infinity screens’ bolted construction eliminates the need for welds which are prone to failure due to the high stress concentrations they create in conventional screen constructions. The U-Span cross members, in combination with the construction of the side walls, deliver higher specific stiffness that prolongs the working life of the screen. 


“The Infinity range has been tested on a variety of applications”, explains Kevin Vallely, Product Development Manager at CDE, “with excellent results in the treatment of sand and gravel, crushed rock, iron ore, construction and demolition waste, silica sands and more.


“The Infinity screens are also perfectly adapted to the market of replacement screens as they function autonomously, which makes them a very attractive proposition to clients wishing to invest either in a replacement screen or in a new installation. So we can now say that the future of the quarrying sector is bright and weld-free.” 

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