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The CDE family: a new world of resource is born

Since 1992 we have made it our purpose to help our customers get the most from the materials they process. This history, pedigree and capability creates opportunities for us to bring our expertise to new sectors, new geographies and new customers through our five highly focused sectoral teams. 

The CDE tagline to support our new directions is ‘A New World of Resource’. 

Maximising sand & aggregates resources.

We’re called Primo because that is where it all began. Sand & Aggregates is currently our most significant sector: it is where we have honed our expertise over 25 years and with more than 500 global projects completed to date.

Since the very beginning we have been the catalyst for change - we go where there is no path and leave a trail for others to follow. The industry looks to us to answer the ‘what next?’ question - and we keep coming up with the answers. To continue to win in this sector our level of specialism and technical capability continues to grow.

The next stage in the story requires a new level of focus. A new level of capability. A new level of excellence. And we'll achieve this through the creation of our dedicated business unit for Sand & Aggregates, CDE Primo.

Creating valuable resources from construction & demolition waste.

For the last 15 years we have shown customers across the world what can be achieved with recycled materials from construction, demolition and excavation waste. We open the world’s eyes to what is possible with our advanced processing systems. Our success is founded on leading the way and demonstrating how, when using the right technology, this material can be re-purposed and re-used in high value construction applications.

Our application specialists not only understand the sector but are passionate about the potential it has to transform lives across the world. Delivering this promise of transformation as well as engineering and recycling excellence requires a level of focus that will be achieved through the nurturing of a new dedicated business unit for construction, demolition and excavation waste, CDE Reco.

Creating high value from industrial sand resources.

The science of materials wet processing is nowhere more applicable than in the Industrial Sands sector. Our expertise is respected. Our reputation is trusted. Our processes are solid. Our approach to product development, continuous improvement and project delivery, coupled with our unrivalled material knowledge and processing capability, puts us in a strong position to achieve continued success in the years ahead.

To capitalise on growing opportunities requires that we continue to push the boundaries with the equipment that we manufacture, the projects we win and deliver and the results that we help our customers to achieve. We will realise our potential in the industrial sands arena by being seen as subject matter experts - and this will be achieved by our new dedicated business unit for this sector, CDE Solv.

Transforming mining waste into value.

Our name comes from the word ‘metamorphosis’ – which describes the essence of CDE for our mining customers. We’re bringing new thinking, new processes and new life to the mining sector by tearing up the definition of what is ‘waste’.

Think again. Start fresh. Challenge everything. This may be new to the mining sector but it’s not new to us. Our business has been built over the last 25 years on helping our customers to maximise production from their reserves, and our story is full of examples of helping our customers turn what was once seen as waste into a valuable resource. 

In order to unlock future opportunities and achieve a new level of technical capability in the mining sector, we have established a new business unit dedicated to the global mining sector, CDE Meta.

Recycling today’s waste into tomorrow’s resource.

The opportunity that exists from the successful exploitation of what is currently considered as waste is huge - and global.

CDEnviro contributes to turning our world green by rejecting the conventional in order to create a better environment for those that will follow in our footsteps. As a business we have long recognised that this sector needs a specialised focus - a change in how we develop products, a change in the language we use, and a change in how we deliver projects.

As well as continuing the drive to achieve its vision to Turn Our World Green, the success of CDEnviro spearheads similar success across CDE's Sand & Aggregates, C&D Waste Recycling, Industrial Sands and Mining sectors - a success that is built on a renewed focus, increased expertise and engineering excellence while retaining the links to the heritage, history and CDE values that are the drivers for future growth. 

A new world of resource

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