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Two new EvoWash plants sold in South Africa

CDE Global, the world's leading materials washing company, has reinforced its position in South Africa where two new EvoWash sand washing plants have just been sold. 


An EvoWash is an integrated washing and water recycling system which uses 90% less water than traditional sand washing systems.


An EvoWash is the solution for you if you are want to: 


MAXIMISE the value of your sand

PRODUCE a consistently graded product to your exact specifications

MINIMISE the loss of quality fines

The CDE EvoWash™ sand wash plant offers unrivalled control of silt cut points, eliminating loss of quality fines to your settling ponds or water treatment phase. 


The EvoWash™ can be introduced to quarrying, recycling and mining operations where the following materials are being processed through a wash plant.

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