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Wet Washing for C&D Waste

In 2008 Abdullah Rafea, assistant general director at the Health and Environmental Services Sector at Dubai Municipality announced that a total of 30,000 tonnes of construction and demolition waste was created every day in Dubai, due to increase to 35,000 tonnes per day by 2014, bringing Dubai in the top 10 of world waste producers.


The UAE Law Blog starkly compared this daily tonnage of waste to ‘the weight of 150 fully-grown blue whales’. Abdullah Rafea urged that, combined with the implementation of new legislative requirements to divert C&D waste from growing landfills, new technologies should be developed to offer alternatives and solutions should be implemented as a matter of urgency. 


Ruchin Garg, CDE Global Business Development Manager for MENA welcomes the growing interest for effective and value for money systems delivered by wet washing plants for C&D waste in the region.

“The cost saving benefits realised as a result of the diversion from landfill are a major attraction to MENA-based construction companies. With a proven track record of excellence in the development of washing installations for C&D waste, CDE Global experts work with clients to address their specific requirements and overcome any challenges they face. They manage project design, delivery and installation to respect the essential daily operations of the existing plants on site and minimise commissioning time."
Ruchin Garg, CDE Global Business Development Manager for MENA
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