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Comprehensive After Sales Service

Engineered for non stop no matter what.

Comprehensive Aftersales Service

CDE CustomCare provides a comprehensive aftersales service that combines industry-wide expertise and local teams. We’re on hand 24/7 to help solve your wet processing challenges. Our teams around the world are dedicated to keeping the washing industry moving.

We deliver quality parts at the best value and quickest lead time.

We’re in this together – let’s keep those belts turning.

Maximum uptime with your Recommended Parts List

CDE creates a customised Recommended Parts List (RPL) based on your individual needs. It’s the ultimate shed in your hands- whatever you need for your wet processing plant –it’s in there.

The RPL is your portal that will ensure maximum uptime. Use it to identify parts, check their lifespans, get quotes, and place orders. You’ll be looking at the same information as our CustomCare team use, so you’ll be speaking the same language straight away.

Not only do we supply the quality parts, but we fit them in a quick and efficient manner as well.

Chat to us about your customised RPL today.

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