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The 15tph road sweepings and gully waste recycling system recovers up to 98% of materials for reuse.




Road Sweepings & Gully Waste


0-4mm Clean Sand & Grit

End Use
Road Fill
Pipe Bedding
Construction Products

Road Sweepings Feed Material at SUEZ.


SUEZ UK is a recycling and resource management company who are known for providing innovative solutions throughout the UK and in 2010 it managed more than eight million tonnes of waste through a network of recycling, composting and landfill facilities.

Prior to the installation of the CDE recycling solution, all of the material which currently passes through the facility was taken directly to landfill. 




The 15 tonne-per hour road sweepings and gully waste recycling system provided to SUEZ UK includes a G:MAX, AquaCycle™ full water treatment system and a filter press. 

Following extensive material testing there were several new pieces of equipment developed including a bespoke material specific feed hopper arrangement, along with a AggMax™ logwasher specifically designed to handle heavily contaminated material.

SUEZ UK also invested in CDE Preventative Maintenance programme through which assessments are carried out to ensure that all aspects of the plant are performing to optimum levels. CustomCare Manager at CDE, Martin Jackson comments, “Through a close working relationship, it was identified that further efficiencies could be achieved by replacing the Filter Press with a Centrifuge . The introduction of the Centrifuge allows the plant to more efficiently deal with the higher silt contents and cope with the variability in the feed material”.

In addition to the centrifuge, CDE has also successfully installed their new CO:FLO™ unit at the SUEZ UK Neatchells Lane site. The CO:FLO™ has been designed to improve water cleanliness and reduce chemical contaminants found in the clean water stream at recycling plants. 

The CO:FLO™ is a multi-staged process which incorporates both mechanical and chemical treatments, ensuring the optimum water clarity is maintained

“The investment will allow us to recover recyclable materials from road sweeping waste that is currently landfilled. The recycled sand and aggregates can be reused by many of our customers in road construction, pipe bedding materials or blended with rock salt and used with grit on roads in the winter months. This is another example of the efforts SUEZ UK goes to in achieving our purpose of protecting the environment by putting waste to good use”
Chris Male, Regional Processing Area Manager for SUEZ UK

Washed Recycled Aggregates at SUEZ UK


Through this recycling process, SUEZ UK are helping their clients to achieve their recycling targets while also reducing their requirement for virgin aggregate and increases composting volumes.

Up to 98% of the road sweepings that passes through the plant is recycled for use in various elements including sand, washed aggregate and compostable material which will be recovered from the incoming road sweeping waste using the latest technology. 

This facility processes more than 40,000 tonnes of road sweepings each year which would have previously been landfilled.

“We are very pleased with the performance of the plant to date and we have received superb service and support given by CDE to date. Prior to purchasing the plant we examined the other recycling plant offerings in the market but after visiting other CDE installations we were satisfied that theirs was the technically superior option”.
Tim Hughes, Strategic Development Manager at SUEZ UK
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