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Velde Pukk

The world’s largest wet processing plant for C&D waste can be found at Velde Pukk in Stavanger, Norway-situated alongside the company’s natural sand & aggregates processing facilities.




C&D Waste, Excavation Waste, Quarry Waste


2 Sands | 4 Aggregates | Filter Cake

End Use
Readymix Concrete
Concrete Blocks
Recycled Construction Materials
Velde Pukk 300tph C&D Waste Recycling Solution

C&D Waste Feed Material at Velde Pukk


The plant operates up to 300 tonnes per hour and produces high quality recycled materials from C&D waste and overburden.

Velde Pukk identified the huge opportunity presented by the recycling of C&D waste to high-quality, high-value recycled sand and aggregates with a wide range of applications. Therefore, it needed to identify the best way to achieve maximum output of the highest value at its hard rock quarry. 

"We opened discussions with CDE a number of years ago as we see the huge opportunity presented by the recycling of C&D waste to high quality, high value recycled sand and aggregates with a wide range of applications" says Managing Director of Velde Pukk, Mr Egil Velde. "We visited a number of existing CDE installations and have watched very closely the technological innovations from CDE in recent years which combine to maximise material quality and minimise waste from the process."

As well as processing C&D waste received at the Sandnes quarry the new CDE plant is also processing overburden from the company's hard rock quarry operations at the same site.


Velde Pukk C&D Waste Recycling Wash Plant - Logwasher, Thickener and Conveyors with Material


The company visited a number of existing CDE installations and watched how CDE technological innovations combined to maximize material quality and minimize waste from the process.

During the design stages CDE examined the overburden for Velde and determined that it could create a plant that would allow Velde to not only recycle the C&D waste but also recover material from the overburden.

The CDE recycling plant is on the same site as the Velde Pukk hard rock quarry allowing the opportunity for integrated operations.

"We looked at the overburden for Velde and determined that we could design a plant that would allow them to not only recycle the C&D waste but also to recover material from the overburden which could subsequently be used in their integrated operations" explains CDE’s Head of Business Development for Northern Europe, Eunan Kelly. As well as operating the quarry in Sandnes, Velde also specialise in the production of ready mix concrete, asphalt production and laying, and have their own transport fleet which you can't fail to notice on any trip around the Sandnes and Stavanger areas.

"Our business has always been about doing things the right way."
Egil Velde, Managing Director of Velde Pukk

Stockpiled Recycled Sand & Aggregates at Velde Pukk Facility


The plant operates up to 300 tph and produces high-quality recycled materials from both C&D waste and overburden.

The flexibility of the plant allows for the processing of a variety of materials which is playing a significant role in meeting the material.

The North Sea oil industry is a big driver for the economy in this part of Norway and the short trip from Stavanger airport to the quarry in Sandnes reveals a huge amount of infrastructure development on the ground, matched only by the number of helicopters you see transporting people and parts back and forward from the oil rigs off the coast. "We are a well established and respected name in this area and are providing material to a large number of local projects on a daily basis" explains Egil Velde. "Our investment in the first wet processing plant for C&D waste in Norway is a symbol of our success - people expect innovation from our company because of our history and we hope that our investment in the CDE plant is taken as a symbol of the potential that exists for this highly valuable resource to be turned into high quality, high value recycled sand and aggregates."

The CD&E waste recycling plant, which was installed in 2014 is producing two grades of sand - 0-2mm and 2-4mm. A range of washed aggregates are also being produced in the form of 4-11mm,11-16mm,16-22mm, 22-90mm and an oversize +90mm aggregate. Velde are also utilising the dry cake output from the filter press. The dry cake which contains +80% of dry solids content is being used for the creation of embankments.

The story of Velde as been one of continuous investment and diversification since the company was originally formed in Sandnes in 1984 by the father of the current Managing Director. "When my father started the business we were producing aggregates for road and pipe construction from the quarry in Sandnes" explains Egil Velde. "Now my father has retired and I run the business in partnership with my two brothers, Harald and Reidar."

The company has expanded significantly in the last decade, beginning with the introduction of an asphalt plant at Sandnes quarry in 2006. By 2007 they had built what they say is the largest, most modern and environmentally friendly production facilities for crushed rock processing and asphalt production in the world. This was followed in 2008 by the establishment of a contracting business for road construction and in 2009 a ready mix concrete plant was introduced to the site.

"Our ambition to grow and build on the strong foundations that our father built always run in tandem with a desire to ensure that the business we build is sustainable and has minimal environmental impact. In CDE we found a company that shared this ethos and also shared our desire for this project to be much more than a cold business transaction. We want to build long term relationships with our partners built on trust and respect that will allow us to achieve our growth ambitions while maintaining a focus in our people, our customers and the world around us" adds Velde.

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