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Andidrain enhances its CDE fleet with 8th investment in mobile screening technology

Andidrain Limited has completed its 8th project in nine years with CDE, one of the leading suppliers of sand and aggregate wet processing solutions for the natural processing and waste recycling sectors.

Established in 1990, Andidrain is a fully integrated company offering industrial cleaning services for customers in the utilities, construction, environmental and waste management sectors. Headquartered in Carlisle, the contractor originated in Cumbria and has expanded significantly over the past three decades, now offering its services to projects throughout the UK. Denholm Energy Services acquired Andidrain Limited in August 2022 and has continued its partnership with CDE.

As a UK-wide contractor, the nature and location of the projects Andidrain is involved in can be wide-ranging, therefore, portable solutions that provide a comprehensive service have been the company’s priority throughout the partnership. Over the past nine years, the company has invested in a fleet of CDE solutions that has increased operational efficiency and facilitated the continued growth of the company.

In 2014, Andidrain invested in its first CDE solution, a D:MAX™ mobile screening and classification unit which enabled the company to reduce its waste-to-landfill volumes by 70%, swiftly exemplifying CDE’s drive to 'create our best world, a tonne at a time'. By late 2023, the company owned an MSU:10G and was completing its 7th D:MAX acquisition.



The CDE D:MAX is a mobile, trailer-mounted screening and classification system used to process a variety of materials from the water and wastewater treatment process, and this purchase added the newest generation of the technology to the Andidrain portfolio. The addition was set to increase operational coverage, as the existing solutions were utilised to their full potential.

The D:MAX sets the industry standard for the removal of solids from liquid waste in-situ, and the latest edition features fine cyclone technology. In addition, carbon footprint and transport costs are reduced as it can be easily moved around a number of sites, facilitating processing in-situ at a variety of locations with limited downtime. This minimises the transport required to bring waste material to a processing site and its recovery rates lead to lower disposal costs.

The solution produces a dewatered grit and oversize product. Recovery of this material alone has a huge impact on the volumes of waste to be sent to landfill, an advantage previously experienced by Andidrain.

The D:MAX has helped Andidrain tackle problems and provide efficient and effective solutions for its customers. In one particular instance, a customer’s Anaerobic Digester had stopped working due to the volume of solids built up in the tank, and several small holes needing repair. To repair the mixers and the holes, the tank required emptying and cleaning.


Richard Evans, Operations Manager, Andidrain Ltd


Richie Evans, Operations Manager at Andidrain, explained, “With our Disab Centrusion unit, we were able to pump the tank and transfer into our mobile CDE D:MAX, which processed the feed material and deposited the resulting product into a commercial bin at its rear. The wastewater was pumped back into the customer’s process, limiting any water wastage. The customer was extremely impressed, and we are delighted that our investment in CDE technology is opening these opportunities.

“The investment has also enabled savings of around 60-70% in waste disposal costs, due to the level and nature of outputs that the D:MAX generates. We recover approximately 1 tonne of 0-4mm grit and 1 tonne of +4mm oversize from every 26 tonnes of waste, with the grit being a suitable product for landfill capping or resulting in lower rate landfill charges due to its non-hazardous category.”

He added, “We consider an investment in CDE technology to be the best course of action to achieve our aims. We’ve worked with the company for almost ten years now and in that time have commissioned eight solutions and made significant investments in CDE’s expertise


Fergal Campbell, Business Development Manager, CDE


“This is a long-standing relationship, and CDE has supported us through every step. The CustomCare team has been exceptional in ensuring we achieve and maintain optimum efficiency – so when we hit a ceiling, and the demand was there for our services, we knew it was time to add to our fleet of sludge management solutions.”

Our Business Development Manager, Fergal Campbell, said, “We have designed and built the D:MAX unit for nearly 20 years, with the developments and incremental improvements allowing us to build a robust, reliable and efficient unit that has been stress tested in multiple uses over hundreds of thousands of operating hours. There is no shortcut for experience in this industry and through our long-standing relationship with Andidrain, we have integrated the learnings and feedback on each of the previous units to ensure we were always one step closer to the perfect machine.

“Our world-class service during and after installation, and our CustomCare team supporting our customers to achieving and maintaining optimum efficiency in the running of their plant, has led to the repeat business with Andidrain over many years.


Andidrain Input and Output Material


Campbell adds, “Our world-class service during and after installation, and our CustomCare team supporting our customers to achieving and maintaining optimum efficiency in the running of their plant, has led to the repeat business with Andidrain over many years.

“They are an innovative company with ever-expanding goals. Their growth over the duration of our partnership is something we are very proud to have been part of. In addition, the longitude and evolution of our work with Andidrain is a real-life embodiment of our ethos to put our customers first.”

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