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CDE announces aftersales partnership with Nordic Bulk

CDE joins forces with Nordic Bulk to maximise productivity and minimise waste for customers across Scandinavia.

CDE, a leading global provider of wet processing solutions for the natural processing and waste recycling sectors, has announced that its aftersales division, CustomCare, has partnered with Norwegian firm Nordic Bulk AS to offer a responsive, proactive and preventative aftersales service for customers across Scandinavia.

Nordic Bulk AS is a Norwegian supplier of bulk material processing plants operating in the mining and aggregates industry in Nordic countries. With 30 years of operational experience, it designs and delivers turnkey projects with technology of the future. The company supports its customers with a full warehouse of wearable parts and a service department with dedicated staff.

CDE and Nordic Bulk have worked together on a number of projects over the years in Iceland and Norway, resulting in a drive to expand the aftersales care offered to existing, new and prospective customers across the Nordic region. 

With the increased demand across Scandinavia, CDE recognised the requirement for more engineers on the ground and the holding of spare parts in market to ensure timely delivery and a reliable aftersales service. 

Having already formed a strong working relationship, CDE is confident in Nordic Bulk’s ability to deliver a high standard of aftercare on its behalf.

CDE’s CustomCare team supports customers in achieving and maintaining optimum efficiency in the running of their plants. It works collaboratively with customers to ensure maximum plant efficiency and uptime.


Engineered For Optimal Performance

As part of its new partnership, CDE is working alongside Nordic Bulk to provide extensive and ongoing training to immerse its service engineers in CDE’s method of service and help the team gain a deeper understanding of the technology. 

As a result, customers in Nordic markets can now expect an even faster service turnaround and quicker delivery of spare parts, as and when required.

Martin Jackson, Head of CDE CustomCare, says the partnership will strengthen the service for its customers in the local market. 

“It’s been a pleasure working with Nordic Bulk. We are likeminded in the sense that we both put our customers at the centre of everything we do, so it has been very easy to build on our relationship. With over 60 years of experience combined, we are confident this will translate to exceptional service for our customers across the region.

“The collaboration with Nordic Bulk will not only benefit existing customers, but it will give reassurance to prospective customers in the Nordic markets that we are dedicated to delivering first-class aftersales service in a timely manner.”


CDE's Eunan Kelly with Nordic Bulk CEO, Peder Egeland


Eunan Kelly, CDE’s Head of Business Development for North West Europe, adds: “For us, this partnership made complete sense. We’ve been working on projects with Nordic Bulk for several years now and really admire its dedication to both its own customers and how that has also been extended to ours. We’ve built a lot of trust with Nordic Bulk and this partnership was a natural progression in our relationship.”

Both CDE and Nordic Bulk recently invited its customers in the market to an event at Nordic Bulk’s headquarters, Stavanger, to outline how the partnership will benefit their operations.

Eunan continues: “We went into great detail about the new partnership and how it will ensure a responsive aftersales service. This was then followed by a tour at one of our flagship project sites, Velde Pukk AS to showcase the positive outcomes of our working relationship. This partnership is testament to the commitment of our pioneering customers, those who have adopted and invested in CDE wet processing technology throughout Norway over CDE’s 30 years in business.” 

Nordic Bulk's CDE Peder Egeland added, “CDE has provided us with comprehensive and detailed training on its products and delivery of service so that we can provide customers with top quality aftersales service. We have seen the support that CDE provides to its customers and its dedication in producing quality material, making it a straightforward decision, and we are excited to work together to enhance the aftersales service.”  

As well as the CustomCare partnership, CDE and Nordic Bulk will continue to deliver new solutions to customers across the Nordic market, which will include the installation of a major new waste recycling plant in Norway.

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