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CDE Meta to Sponsor Prestigious Prospect Awards

CDE recognises sustainability excellence in the minerals processing industry at the Prospect Awards 2019.


CDE is thrilled to participate in the Prospect Awards once again this year. Listed as a finalist in the category of “Excellence in Environmental Management” in 2018, CDE Meta (CDE’s dedicated mining sector) returns in 2019 to sponsor the prestigious Awards’ Minerals Processing of the Year category.


With common values grounded in innovation, excellence and sustainability perfectly aligned, CDE and the Prospect Awards team up to recognise the achievements and contributions of outstanding minerals processors, who dedicate financial, research, and crucially human resources to the responsible production of minerals that serves the purpose of market demand without compromising environmental integrity.


Recognised at the 2018 Prospect Awards for its pioneering approach to mining waste, transforming over 17 million tonnes of overburden waste in South Australia into high grade iron ore for steel production, CDE has been developing sustainable materials processing solutions across the mining, quarrying, and construction and demolition waste sectors across the world for over 25 years.


The sustainability challenge strikes close to home in today’s materials production industry, as demand for quality metals, sand, aggregates, coal, and other materials reach unprecedented levels, yet global availability of raw materials continues to decline at an alarming rate. With each strand of the business defined by its mantra, “A New World of Resource”, CDE strives to deliver against the circular economy model, turning waste products into usable, and importantly, valuable materials, with a view to eradicate waste from natural materials industries.


This drive for excellence in delivering high-tech bespoke wet processing solutions within the frame of its core values, combined with its pedigree as a leader in future-proofing the materials producing industry makes CDE an ideal sponsor for the Prospect Awards’ Minerals Processing of the Year category.


The company looks forward to discovering the innovative talent showcased at the Awards and the solutions each finalist brings to the global mineral processing community. 


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