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Lindsey Aggregates Open House, June 2019

Lindsey Aggregates, based in New York state, is a family owned and operated company. Originally focused on the crushing business, Lindsey Aggregates has recently invested and expanded its operations with the introduction of a multi-million-dollar integrated sand washing system, designed and installed by full-service EPC company CDE.


Last week we hosted a three-day Open House along with the Lindsey Aggregates team to showcase their plant operations to producers, visitors, media, customers and invited guests. A special thanks to the Lindsey Aggregates team for their support & hospitality, especially to Warren & Ginny Vandish, owners of Lindsey Aggregates, who are supported in the daily running of the busy site by Alan Levine, and their children, Jeff, the Plant Manager, and Lindsey & Emily who support with administration.


A Custom Sand Washing Plant to Open New Markets

Lindsey Aggregates sought a system that would achieve concrete grade C-33 spec sand, in order to introduce them to new markets with a sellable product. CDE, therefore, met with Warren to explore and understand the company’s ambitions, their feed material and their intentions for integration with existing machinery. This was how CDE ensured the plant they delivered was fully customized to the needs of Lindsey Aggregates and the site on which it would operate.


As a result of the collaborative approach from design through to after-sales service, a smarter, integrated solution has been installed at the Red School House site that meets all objectives. The high friction C-33 sand has also received the required approval from the Department of Transport for New York.


In total, Lindsey Aggregates is now producing five new products including the C-33 spec and mason sand. The C-33 spec sand is used in paving and concrete and is considered to be the mainstay of all construction works. While exploring and fulfilling many different applications for mason sand, the company is primarily using it for the cost-effective filling of sand bags due to the currently urgent issue of lake-front flooding in upstate New York.


Warren Vandish said, “We’re pleased to welcome people to our Red School House site to showcase our new washing plant. It’s a very exciting time for Lindsey Aggregates as we officially launch our expansion into this new line of business, and we’re pleased our guests could be with us.


“Wet processing was new to us, and CDE were with us every step of the way for us to reach this point. The CDE USA team of expert engineers invested significant time and energy to understand our operations, materials, challenges, and ambitions. Their focus on innovation has helped us, in turn, to innovate as a business, and we remain partners in this process.


“The new plant is truly a game-changer to Lindsey Aggregates. The quality sand and aggregates from our now expanded product portfolio are ready for market straight from our belts – the efficiency is remarkable. We’re very proud to have the opportunity to present all this to the industry at this event.”


Working Together To Create a New World of Resource

Eoin Heron, VP and Business Development Director North America at CDE said: “Together with our customers, CDE is unlocking a New World of Resource and driving alternatives for sand production. The Lindsey Aggregates site is now producing C-33 spec and mason sand, helping to supplement natural sand which is a finite resource. We recognize the increasing importance of expanding and developing sustainable business models and are proud to have created that in cooperation with the team at Lindsey.


“It’s been a great opportunity to work with Warren and the team, both on introducing this new plant to their thriving site but also in hosting this joint three-day event. The guests were able to witness first-hand the latest wet processing technologies in action and learn more about these innovative products.”


Robert Nelson, North East Business Development Manager at CDE said: “We were delighted to welcome producers, visitors, media and invited guests to our demonstration day. It’s a great way for everyone to see the plant fully operational and to see the daily process that CDE has made possible at the Lindsey Aggregates site. It has been a wonderful event and we’re delighted to partner with Lindsay Aggregates to showcase the great work they’re doing here.”


Custom-built for Lindsey Aggregates, the Red School House plant includes the R2500; an electric-powered, primary scalping unit capable of processing over 500 tons per hour in quarrying, recycling and mining operations where a range of difficult materials are being processed. The R2500 scalping station separates oversize which is fed to the primary crusher, whilst 0-1” is conveyed to the M4500 in order to wash out the natural sand.


In addition to the M4500, it features the M2500 modular sand & aggregate washing systems, both of which work in parallel to handle natural and crushed aggregate flows within the washing and crushing circuit.


Upon launch, more than ten years ago, the M Series was hailed as the first modular feeding and screening system. The M4500 was the first machine in the industry to combine feeding, screening, sand-washing and stockpiling onto one compact chassis and this approach enabled Lindsey Aggregates to construct a 500tph wet plant in conjunction with their existing mobile crushing fleet without being tied to the limitations of a fixed traditional plant setup, whilst dramatically increasing the capacity of their operations. The M4500 produces more than 250tph of in-spec sands as well as variable natural and crushed aggregates to DOT specification.


Integrated to the M4500 is the EvoWash™ sand washing plant. Featuring hydrocyclone technology, the EvoWash™ guarantees removal of the minus 200 mesh fraction while retaining all quality fines in the final sand product. It also maximizes dewatering to 12-15%, resulting in the ‘ready-to-sell’ nature of the product straight off the belts.


Together, with the help of CDE, the technology is ensuring operations at Lindsey Aggregates are fully optimized, bringing new business opportunities and new customers to the company through their expansion into new, thriving markets.

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