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AF Decom

250tph indoor C&D waste recycling plant to enable AF Decom to process recycled construction & demolition waste throughout the year.




C&D Waste


0-2mm & 0-4mm recycled sand | 4-10mm & 10-20mm recycled aggregates

End Use
Concrete Production
Road Base
Road Grit
AF Decom Indoor C&D Waste Recycling Wash Plant in Norway

C&D Waste Feed Material at AF Decom


We never shy away from a challenge, and our partnership with AF Decom, part of construction giant AF Gruppen, presented a unique set of challenges to overcome at its Oslo site in Norway.

Designed using CDE’s cocreation approach and working in partnership with a logistics company, the local community in the town of Esval and AF Decom, we designed and developed a plant with a sustainably-focused business model.

One of the main requirements was to house the plant indoors to prevent downtime during periods of severe weather. Overcoming this challenge improved efficiency and provided a comfortable working environment for AF Decom’s staff.


AF Decom Indoor Waste Recycling Solution


The bespoke wet processing plant includes CDE’s market-leading R-Series Primary Scalping Screens, the patented AggMax™ Logwasher for scrubbing and sizing, the EvoWash™ for separation accuracy and dewatering, and a full water treatment system to help produce high-quality washed sand and aggregates which are used throughout the construction sector across Oslo.


4-10mm Washed Recycled Aggregates


Working together with AF Decom, we have created an innovative business model that can be replicated in other cities and plants across the world. This state-of-the-art construction & demolition waste recycling processing plant can process up to 250 tonnes per hour of waste material and produce valuable construction products ready for immediate use in construction projects across Oslo.

The end materials produced by AF Decom is certified for concrete production, achieving the EN12620 certification. The output products have also been certified for shotcrete while the aggregates are use in asphalt production (conforming to EN13043) and road base (conforming to EN13242).

The company has also recently received certification to use their 2/8mm as winter road grit in 3 municipalities in Norway.

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