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Up to 90% of road sweepings waste is diverted from landfill through state-of-the-art recycling facility.




Road Sweepings & Gully Waste


0-4mm & 5-40mm Aggregates

End Use
Trench Fill
Pipe Bedding
Non-Structural Concrete

Feed material at Admec


Admec Municipal Services offers a mobile concrete service with materials recovered from street sweepings waste.

Since its formation in 1993, in the North East of England, Admec has provided road sweeping and ancillary services to a range of public and private sectors across approximately 300 miles, from the Scottish borders to North Lincolnshire – making it the largest road sweeping operation in its region. Admec became the first sweeper company in the UK to be licensed by the Environmental Agency to treat road sweepings in their own in-house plant.


AggMax logwasher a Admec


Their road sweepings recycling system, provided by CDE, allows Admec to recover reusable material from collected sweepings waste. This significantly reduces the volume of waste that needs to go to landfill, resulting in reduced disposal costs.  Admec are recovering clean dewatered fractions of sand and aggregates using the treatment system which are creating a new source of revenue for the company.


Clean material on screen at Admec


Sand and stone recovered from the recycling process is used in Admec’s ‘Titan’ volumetric concrete mixers to make and deliver concrete to their customers. On-the-spot mixing ensures both small domestic jobs and large-scale commercial construction projects can be accommodated. The recovered materials are also used to make interlocking concrete lego blocks which have been used for a variety of purposes from landscaping to construction.

“We have been able to expand the services we can offer as a result of the superb, consistent quality of the sand and aggregate products produced from the street sweepings solution.”
George Tweddle, Managing Director at Admec
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