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We help recover maximum resources from your Limestone operations.


Materials produced from heavily-claybound Limestone processing such as overburden, scalpings and crushed rock fines are often considered unusable quarry waste by-products. CDE's sophisticated dual scrubbing technology turns these materials into high-value saleable products.

By introducing one of our proven Limestone washing solutions, we can help to maximize the resource yield from deposits while simultaneously reducing waste. Due to the variable nature of the materials, we adapt our proven solutions to your needs.

This involves a detailed analysis of your feed material to establish the volume of commercial sand and aggregate material that can be recovered. We then work with you to design and deliver a wet processing plant built to address the specific challenges of your project which may include: 

  • Organic contamination – leaves, roots, etc
  • Clay contamination
  • High fines content (minus 63 micron / 200 mesh)

We have extensive experience in the design and delivery of wet processing plants that help to maximize resource yield from deposits. CDE’s washing equipment means by-products can be processed into valuable products helping to reduce stockpiling on site and prolong the life of mineral extraction sites. Utilizing existing, previously disregarded, materials to deliver commercial benefits, reduces waste and enables a long-term sustainable solution to aggregates production.

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Working With Limestone

We help wash previously discarded low-grade by-product of higher clay content into new revenue streams of very clean sand and aggregates for use in both the ready-mix and decorative markets. 

These end products include a wide range of in-spec sand and aggregates at varying sizes depending on your requirements. 

Depending on your feed material, we can accommodate many cut points, often enabling our customers to produce new products and open new markets.

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