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Gold Mining

We offer a range of proven wet processing equipment that can be employed at various stages of the gold mining process.

Engineered For Sustainable Gold Mining

Our advanced wet processing equipment can be employed at various stages of the gold mining process to help improve the efficiency of your operations and complement your existing mining operation.

Efficient Gold Mining Solutions

After initial excavation, the first stage in processing your gold is to reduce the ore size, and this can be done using crushing or scrubbing equipment. We provide a range of scrubbing and attrition equipment.

Scrubbing & Liberation of Contaminants

The AggMax Logwasher is employed when excavated or dredged material at the first stage of the gold mining process contains clay contamination. The scrubbing action of the logwasher provides the attrition necessary to break down this clay contamination and remove it from the feed stream.

This ensures that the screening processes which follow can operate efficiently as the removal of the clays liberates fine material previously adhered to the larger mineral fraction.

Screening & Fines Separation

Our range of patented Infinity Screens solutions provides several screening options to help separate gold and fines from other material within the feed. Once the smaller particles have been removed from the larger particles within the feed material, you can introduce our hydrocyclone and density separation solutions to further separate the gold.

Processing The Gold

The introduction of the CFCU is a means of density separation that allows for heavier gold particles to be removed from the lighter mineral fraction by means of a controlled upward flow of water. Combining this technology with our EvoWash fine classification wash plant helps to further remove the fine materials from the feed material, helping you recover more gold at the end of the process.

CDE’s M-Series is a range of modular screening and classification plants with application in the processing of a wide range of mineral ores and can integrate with either the EvoWash or CFCU to further enhance the efficiency of your gold mining.

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Hydrocyclone Technology For Gold Mining

The introduction of the CDE washing equipment in your gold mining process incorporates hydrocyclone technology and can be employed on gold mining operations to remove the very fine minus 75 micron / 200 mesh fraction from the feed stream and subsequently produce a 75 micron (200 mesh) to 6mm (1/4 inch) dewatered product.

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