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Sand & Aggregates

Maximizing sand & aggregate resources.


We are revolutionizing natural materials processing to create our best world, a ton at a time. Working across five regions globally as the leading provider of wet processing solutions within the natural processing sector, we have been co-creating with customers for 30 years to deliver collaborative, imaginative and unique processing systems with over 2,000 successful projects.  

Every day, CDE engineers sustainable solutions for the sand and aggregates, industrial and specialist sands. Our solutions guarantee maximum recovery of valuable fines from sand and aggregate production and help meet the growing demand for industrial and specialist sands vital for glass production, sports facilities, industrial applications, and water filters. 

We empower our customers to transform waste into valuable resources through innovative co-creation. We work with them to gain a deep understanding of their objectives in order to develop the best solution for their business. This deep collaboration ensures we develop the right solution our customers’ business. 

We work with the largest sand & aggregate producers in the world to design and deliver wet processing plants which:

  • Maximize equipment life
  • Maximize resource yield
  • Deliver in-spec materials every time
  • Create new markets and new revenue streams
Sand & Aggregates Projects
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