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Optimised lime mixing for efficient sludge dewatering

Efficient Sludge Dewatering

Sludge, when mixed with lime, is dewatered more efficiently in the filter press, reducing cycle times and negating the need for a larger press while producing a drier filter cake.

The CDE AutoLime™ controls the lime mixing process to ensure optimal delivery and efficiency.

This is how we do it
Real time adjustment to concentration, batch delivery and timing
Dosing pump
Dosing pump delivers lime slurry directly to sludge buffer tank
Mixing Paddle
Lime wetted with water spray and slurried with agitating mixing paddle
Moisture Control
Dried air used to avoid moisture build up in aeration nozzles
Safe Storage
Safe and convenient on-site powdered lime storage
Screw Conveyor
Powdered lime metered from silo to mixing tank with screw conveyor
Sensor Control
Level sensors control batching process
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