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Maximize yields and turn quarry waste and by-products into new revenue streams.

What is quarried aggregate “waste”?

Each stage of the quarrying process produces by-products in the form of overburden, scalpings or crushed rock fines. Often, quarry operators classify these as waste materials without commercial market value due to their clay content, or other inherent material characteristics.

Billions of tons of “quarry waste” is produced globally because the material is heavily claybound and difficult to process or out of specification and therefore only suitable for low value applications. However, if processed with the right technology these by-products still have the potential to produce quality products for applications such as surface dressing, concrete production or asphalt.

Introducing CDE’s wet processing solutions can transform these by-products into valuable products helping to reduce stockpiling on site and prolong the life of mineral extraction sites. 

Utilizing existing and previously disregarded materials delivers:

  • Commercial benefits
  • Reduces waste 
  • Enables a long-term sustainable solution to aggregates production.

Talk to our team of washing experts today to see how we can help you discover the value in your quarries by-product materials.

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Scalpings and Overburden

Due to the variable nature of scalpings and overburden a detailed analysis of your feed material is undertaken to establish the volume of commercial sand and aggregate material that can be recovered.

Products include:

Washed sand and aggregates for use in a wide range of applications including road construction, ready-mix for residential, industrial, and commercial building projects and in decorative markets.

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