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Tunnelling and Underground Works

CDE’s wet processing solutions for tunnelling and underground works materials maximise bentonite recovery and water recycling.

Engineered for Maximum Bentonite Recovery in Tunnelling & Underground works

Our range of waste recycling solutions offer a number of benefits for tunnelling and underground works including:

  • Bentonite recovery: our extensive experience in the design of customised hydrocyclone plants delivers unrivalled cut point accuracy
  • De-sanding & de-silting of bentonite slurries: our high-frequency dewatering technology ensures the efficient separation of your crushed material from bentonite slurries
  • Recovery of mineral material for reuse: following dewatering your mineral tunnel waste can be screened and graded to allow for on-site production of mass concrete and sprayed concrete
  • Water recycling & sludge management: the introduction of our thickening and sludge management systems to deal with the recovered bentonite slurries allows process water to be recycled to your TBM operations.

If you are working on a tunnelling or undergrounds project and need assistance in processing the excess material, get in touch with our team of waste recycling experts today to discover the value in this material.



Our closed loop slurry treatment plants (STP’s) for use in underground works will:

  • Maximise bentonite recovery
  • Maximise de-sanding and de-silting of bentonite slurries
  • Maximise recovery of mineral material for reuse
  • Maximise water recovery for use in tunnel boring machine operations (TBM)
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