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Waste Glass Washing

Our proven washing solutions can help recover usable products from waste glass material, diverting more valuable materials from landfill than dry processing methods.

Engineered to Produce High Quality Recycled Materials

Before it can be recycled, glass waste or MRF glass needs to be purified and cleaned of contamination. 

Glass contamination comes in many forms including paper, organics, metals, and plastics, and if left untreated, waste glass is of little or no commercial value to recycling facilities.

It is important to identify equipment which can cope with the unique characteristics MRF glass possesses and the challenges it brings.

CDE has developed proven equipment which uses a series of density separation, attrition and high-pressure washing techniques to wash waste glass and remove contamination. Our waste recycling solutions are proven across the globe and are positioning our customers as market leaders in their fields.

CDE’s waste glass washing equipment controls output quality irrespective of input quality, which ensures subsequent glass manufacturing processes are much more efficient. We believe pre-treatment is the missing link in many glass recycling processes. By adding a pre-treatment stage, the glass that would not have been recovered by optical sorting due to contamination can be screened and washed, removing stubborn contaminants and allowing for maximum recovery.

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