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Hydro Excavation Waste Recycling

Our proven waste recycling solutions clean and dewater hydro excavation waste, extracting maximum value.

Recycling & dewatering solutions for hydro excavation waste

Across the world, we are rapidly redeveloping and rebuilding urbanized areas. This rise in land development has increased the requirement for hydro excavation (also known as hydrovac and non-destructive digging) because of its reliability and accuracy. However, the by-product of this highly reliable process is a difficult slurry, made up of around 60% water and 40% solids.

Hydrovac waste is difficult, not to mention expensive, for drilling operators to dispose of at landfill due to it’s solid liquid state and weight, while many landfill sites around the globe refuse to accept liquid waste, meaning collectors need to find a way to dewater this liquid first.

Instead, hydro excavation slurry is usually treated as liquid waste and needs to be disposed of at liquid waste facilities which can be expensive.

The waste is often transported many miles to legal dump sites to dispose of the waste, which is time consuming and costly to any business.

CDE provide effective dewatering equipment which also acts as reception centers for hydro excavation waste. Our wet processing equipment allows operators to process the waste on site, making the entire process more viable, practical and cost effective. Dealing with hydrovac waste in-situ also removes the risk of having to transport possibly toxic substances to waste disposal facilities, removing the possibility of leaks or accidents during transport.

As a result of investing in CDE’s hydrovac dewatering solutions, our customers realize many benefits:

  • Reduced disposal costs: By dewatering the waste and reducing the weight, disposal costs are significantly reduced.
  • Resource recovery: valuable resources can be recovered rom the waste for reuse
  • A greater control of waste: with their own treatment facility, customers are no longer at the mercy of other disposal facilities who can decide to close or increase their gate fee with little notice.
  • Reduce environmental risks: An elimination of the legal and environmental risks associated with disposal
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Our solutions are designed according to the make-up and contamination levels of the waste and can include custom-made reception centers for receiving hydro excavation waste.   CDE’s equipment not only dewaters the waste but processes it to recover sand, stone and organics. The weight of the final dewatered clay content is also significantly reduced, ensuring easy and cost-effective disposal of the remaining material.

Recovering clean dewatered fractions of sand, stone, and aggregates helps our customers contribute to a circular economy as well as open up new revenue streams as these materials can be sold for low grade construction applications.

The recovered water can also be reused to fill outgoing trucks with industry compliant recycled water. If heavily contaminated, the hydrovac waste can be further processed to remove heavy metals and hydrocarbons from the waste water stream. This enables a wider range of more difficult (and therefore more lucrative) waste streams to be processed.

Patented hydro excavation waste solution: UK - GB 2566260 | Canada - 3065866 | Australia - 2018280016

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