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High speed, continuous separator of solids & liquids to maximize recycled water.

Efficient sludge dewatering

Introducing a decanter centrifuge to your mining, quarrying or recycling operation will eliminate waste from your washing plant and produce a dry filter cake which minimizes waste disposal and handling costs.

Performance & Efficiency 

The decanter centrifuge provides the benefits of high clarifying efficiency to ensures recycled water is clean and virtually free from solids maximizing the productivity of your wet processing plant and minimizing the time required for essential plant maintenance.

The system produces a dewatered filter cake up to 65% dry solids concentration to help minimize waste volumes and recover water for recirculation to your processing plant.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid set-up, minimal footprint and our continuous focus on transfer point technology ensures the Decanter is ready for action quickly and easily.


The decanter centrifuge offers a smaller footprint than other comparative sludge dewatering systems as well as a higher water recycling rate, reducing the power requirements and the need for customer top-up.

Recovered solids and water provide numerous options for re-use in agricultural and waste management markets.


The decanter includes isolators, guards and ease of access for a safe working environment.

It’s equipped with health and safety compliant walkways, isolators and guards to ensure quick, easy and safe access for maintenance.



  • Control and power transmission features contribute to a 40% reduction in power consumption.
  • Automatic torque control features allow for variations in feed material.
  • Tungsten carbide on the scrolls and longitudinal wear strips lining the inside of the bowl ensure maximum solid conveyance for the highest performance.
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