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Buffer Tanks

Water recycling and sludge storage tanks

Closed circuit water recycling & sludge management.

Within our turnkey processing plants we will specify the appropriate buffer tanks to accept recycled water for recirculation to your washing plant and to hold sludge from the AquaCycle thickener before delivery to your plate press or decanter centrifuge.

Settled sludge from an AquaCycle thickener will be stored in a buffer tank to ensure a consistent feed to the plate press or decanter centrifuge. The sludge buffer tank features a set of agitators to ensure consistency is maintained.

Steel or concrete buffer tanks

We will design your buffer tank according to the specific requirements of your project and have completed many global projects using both steel and concrete buffer tanks.

The waste sludge from the AquaCycle thickener is discharged into a buffer tank where where a motorized rake in constant rotation ensures the material does not settle and solidify. If further dewatering is required, a plate press or decanter is added to the wet processing solution to eliminate the need for settling ponds.

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